Steve Friedlander

Steve Friedlander, Attorney at SV Employment Law Firm PC

Steve Friedlander is an attorney at SV Employment Law Firm PC who specializes in Employment & Labor: Employer matters as well as General Litigation and Business Litigation matters.

Prior to his current role, Friedlander owned and managed his own theatre consulting firm in New York and has over thirty years of experience in theatre design and production.

Early Life and Education

Steve Friedlander was an active part of Celebration’s community. He could often be found coaching his son’s baseball team or at high school games cheering on his daughters who served as varsity cheerleaders – not to mention having an extensive circle of friends who will miss him dearly.

He was known for his ability to effectively comprehend and explain complex financial concepts to make them relevant to everyday life. Additionally, he was an accomplished writer, publishing multi-media educational programs as well as articles in refereed journals about psychology and psychoanalysis.

Steve was also proud of being the business owner of American Income Life, an enterprise offering an easy yet powerful product. He strongly believed in conserving business by following up on every lapse and helping people rebound after experiencing tough times.

Professional Career

Steve Friedlander brings extensive professional experience across an array of areas. This includes organizational systems analysis, project management, clinical psychology, entrepreneurship and spiritual direction.

He is widely respected among company executives and HR leaders across a range of industries. His practice encompasses negotiating and litigating collective bargaining agreements, representation election campaigns, decertification proceedings and single plaintiff and class action employment cases involving noncompetition/nonsolicitation agreements, independent contractor/employee misclassification issues, harassment allegations based on age, race, religion gender pregnancy national origin sexual orientation.

He has over eight years of experience operating golf courses at Ventana Canyon and Herb Kohler’s courses at Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run, in addition to serving as a PGA professional since 1975.

Achievement and Honors

Friedlander has extensive experience serving as national counsel in multidistrict litigation and state coordinated proceedings defending product liability failure to warn cases and class actions, in addition to providing counsel services in complex commercial litigation and reinsurance coverage matters for companies.

His early work was heavily influenced by social landscape and nostalgic photography, particularly that of Eugene Atget and Garry Winogrand. He experimented with gelatin dry-plate negatives as well as printmaking techniques.

Friedlander oversaw the transformation of Whistling Straits at Kohler from dirt into a championship golf course during his time there, and is looking forward to witnessing that same transformation take place at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast which will open this fall. Prior to joining Auerbach Pollock Friedlander he operated his own theatre consulting firm in New York City.

Personal Life

David was an active member of Celebration’s community and could frequently be seen coaching his son’s Little League team and attending high school games to watch his daughters cheer for volleyball as varsity cheerleaders. Additionally, he enjoyed reading, travel and delicious cuisine.

He has extensive experience acting as national counsel in multidistrict litigation and state coordinated proceedings, representing defendants against product liability failure-to-warn and class action allegations of unfair trade practices, as well as class actions alleging discriminatory trade practices. He has successfully defended clients both at trial and summary judgment.

He holds credentials as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, EMDR Therapist and has undergone intensive training in Jungian dream interpretation. Additionally, he has provided hundreds of ketamine-assisted therapy sessions as well as working with combat veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Net Worth

Friedlander was an expert on sociopathic personality disorders and was often featured on radio programs and TV shows like Debrief Encounters as well as late night talk shows.

Friedlander made his fortune selling natural commercial cleaners that were more effective and better for the environment than chemicals containing harmful additives. As one of the pioneers of green commercial products, he eventually dedicated his company’s initiatives towards sustainability.

At one time, he was worth millions. Unfortunately, on Derby Saturday at South Reno’s Tamarack Junction he learned an invaluable lesson when his horse Maximum Security lost to Country House – an outcome which cost him $35,000 of his own funds.

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