Steve Glass

A Profile of Steve Glass

Glass has written various multi-movement instrumental works, including two violin concertos and an homage to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons concerts. Additionally, he has composed scores for multiple movies.

In 1998, Glass is working as an associate editor at The New Republic and enjoying great popularity with his colleagues. However, reporter Charles Lane becomes suspicious of Glass and his made up stories.

Early Life and Education

Steve was raised in an affluent suburb of Chicago, Illinois by his mother who maintained an immaculate house; everything was perfectly organized and in its place. Although Steve excelled academically, his social life wasn’t what one might call robust.

Glass attended his father’s alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, for pre-med studies and joined its newspaper against their wishes, even though their fears that it might interfere with his studies.

Though deceived himself of many lies, Glass claims he’s now repentant and changed. According to his therapists, lying became compulsive – something similar to gambling addiction. Shattered Glass offers the straightest look at print journalism since All the President’s Men; perhaps becoming this generation’s definitive film about journalism as well as being an insightful morality play about callow youthful ambition.

Professional Career

Steve Immerman creates his kilnformed glass art in a small studio using almost exclusively Bullseye glass. He takes classes from nationally-recognized kilnformed artists, as well as engaging in extensive experimentation.

He combines strips of his colorful abstract photographs, different textured glass styles, flame-treated copper with exotic hardwood accent pieces to craft mixed media mirrors for sale at The Dolphin Gallery in Gualala and Edgewater in Fort Bragg.

Campaigns he has led include Ally Bank, Sprite, AXE Vitaminwater10 and NYC&Co. In addition, he created entertainment platforms and series for NBA athletes Lebron James and Kobe Bryant along with an entire collection for Nike Women. In addition, he advised numerous companies and brands on brand development and business strategy.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Glass has been recognized by various peer review ratings services as an outstanding lawyer in his field. Additionally, he received the prestigious Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award from NATPE and is a member of both the American Bar Association and New England Law Review.

The Vaccine Task Force won a Civil Service Award this year for their efforts in procuring and disbursing Covid-19 vaccines under intense pressure on an immense scale. Steve Glass from CSW’s programme director share their experience working together as part of a huge team with such high stakes at stake.

The Glaziers’ Company hosts the Stevens Competition to give up-and-coming architectural glass designers and craftspeople an opportunity to hone their skills by designing a stained glass panel, then commissioning their winning design for fabrication.

Personal Life

Glass was an unattractive, nasal voiced child of Highland Park, Illinois where his mother provided strong academic pushback. Although Glass excelled academically, he struggled socially. Although he maintained one girlfriend at a time – something which had him falling further behind on his homework than before.

Glass, in his quest for success as an ambitious youngster, used dishonest tactics to advance. An internal investigation at The New Republic discovered that many of his articles contained fabrications – falsifying quotes and anecdotes; inventing stories; forging notes; falsifying business cards; even falsifying phone records were among them.

Shattered Glass is the latest film-noir take on print journalism since All the President’s Men. Starring Peter Sarsgaard as Lane, an Old Testament-esque figure who relentlessly pursues truth, Shattered Glass serves as an examination of deceit in journalism as a morality play.

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