Steve Haddadin

Steve Haddadin – Passionate Entrepreneur

Steve Haddadin, an entrepreneur who has been passionate about Real Estate since he was in his teenage years, possesses a distinctive set of skills and expertise which have propelled his career towards success. He holds various certifications within his industry as founder and president of King Real Estate Group.

Early Life and Education

Steve Haddadin hails from Southern California, where he began his entrepreneurial venture selling lemonade and candy as a child. Since then, Steve has always been hard working, never abandoning his goals, which he credits as one of the reasons for his achievements in life. Middle school student Daniel participated in a People to People Student Ambassador Delegation to Tokyo, Japan as a People to People Student Ambassador Ambassador Delegate and it shaped his love of travel and connection between cultures. Fluent in Arabic and English languages and passionate about basketball, car driving, traveling, steak eating (which inspired him to establish June 21 as National Wagyu Day). Daniel currently operates his real estate company out of Orange County under King Real Estate Group as President & Founder.

Professional Career

Steve Haddadin is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a deep dedication to providing superior client services. Since entering the Real Estate business at 18 years old, he has served as President and Broker of King Real Estate Group; during that time he has earned himself an esteemed reputation in his industry and become an authority on investment properties as well as luxury real estate markets.

He is also an active board member of California State University Fullerton’s Center for Real Estate at its College of Business and Economics, helping reorganize it by forging relationships with industry groups such as CCIM Institute, ICSC, and IREM. In order to expand his services further he is currently studying towards his Juris Doctor degree from Capital University School of Law.

Achievement and Honors

Haddadin has long been an aspiring entrepreneur. From selling lemonade on the streets as a child to purchasing his first property at 16, Haddadin has consistently shown an entrepreneurial streak and earned numerous accolades and certifications along the way.

He exemplifies his dedication to serving his community as a board member of the Center for Real Estate at California State University Fullerton’s College of Business & Economics. Since joining, he has transformed it by forging numerous industry relationships and connecting with students who share an affinity for Real Estate.

Haddadin is also an ardent steak connoisseur who established National Wagyu Day on June 21st. As an enthusiastic traveller, his goal was to visit all 50 Presidential Libraries within two months – something which he accomplished.

Personal Life

Haddadin is an ambitious individual who knows exactly what he wants and works hard towards realizing his ambitions. Through hard work and determination, his efforts have helped King Real Estate Group flourish under his direction.

He is passionate about serving others and helping them be successful in their endeavours. As a board member for California State University’s Fullerton College of Business & Economics Center for Real Estate he has helped to reform it by forging industry relations and earning certifications with various organizations; connecting with students interested in Real Estate studies.

He takes great pleasure in basketball, car driving and traveling in his free time. Fluent in both English and Arabic languages, he is also an avid steak connoisseur who created Wagyu Day on June 21 in the US.

Net Worth

Steve Haddadin is an enthusiastic entrepreneur whose interest in real estate began during his teenage years. Now serving as President of King Real Estate Group and leading expert on investment properties. Additionally, he sits as a Board Member for California State University Fullerton’s Center for Real Estate where he has inspired students who share his enthusiasm.

He has extensive experience in several aspects of Real Estate, such as selling commercial and residential properties, development, property management of Offices & Retail properties and lending. His in-depth market analysis and personalized approach set him apart from his competition; while in his free time he enjoys basketball, cars and traveling.

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