Steve Hernandez

Steve Hernandez – A Well-Known Personality on the Internet

He is an advocate for arts and education, as well as working on projects that assist those experiencing crisis.

Over the past twenty years, he has focused his work on finding solutions that balance security, privacy, and mission delivery concerns across a range of environments.

Steven Hernandez is an engaging speaker renowned for combining his poetic ability with messages about Bullying, Life Choices and Mental Health. He presents at universities, schools and youth groups across the country.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hernandez grew up in Southern California, where he enjoyed hiking and relaxing on the beach. Additionally, Steve loves traveling and is married with two children.

She joined 19 News as a bilingual journalist in 2019, after graduating from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and becoming a reporter.

Hernandez acknowledges he was not an excellent student in high school and dropped out early from college, making poor choices and grappling with drugs and alcohol use. His recovery is due to God and family support.

Hernandez shares his story as an activist and comedian, his experiences as a queer person, his early marriage and divorce proceedings, and how his spiritual relationship is constantly shifting and growing. It was truly engaging listening to this compelling talk! Hernandez leaves you feeling emotionally fulfilled.

Professional Career

Steve Hernandez has amassed extensive research and industry experience throughout his career, serving as systems administrator, software engineer and chief researcher across various industries and organizations.

As director of career management for Wharton San Francisco’s EMBA program, Hernandez takes an holistic approach to helping his students meet their professional goals. He has advised hundreds of individuals on various career paths and gained unique insight into what it takes for business success.

Hernandez offers advice to clients in all aspects of labor and employment law, from handling matters before state and federal courts – including the National Labor Relations Board – to counseling employers from diverse industries such as production companies, studios, restaurants, concessionaires and warehouses.

Achievement and Honors

SSgt Hernandez serves as the noncommissioned officer in charge of administrative management at Mississippi State University’s AFROTC detachment 425. In this capacity, he facilitates all commissioning processing actions for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps candidates from both Mississippi State and cross-town universities.

Hernandez earned many honors throughout his career, but one particularly distinguished one was Emmy Award Nomination in 2021 for his work on Who’s Your God?, an internationally-acclaimed documentary.

On this episode of the Uken Report, Steve Hernandez describes growing up off Avenue 52 in Coachella where he worked hard at picking grapes at a nearby farm. He goes on to describe his journey through Army training, church congregation and finally comedy – it was truly warm, honest and engaging discussion!

Personal Life

Steve Hernandez resides in Southwest Florida with his wife and two children. An avid hiker, Steve enjoys exploring all that Southwest Florida has to offer through hiking. Additionally, Steve volunteers as an amateur baseball and football coach for young athletes in his community.

Steven began as a battle rapper during his teenage years. Now, as an expert speaker on mental health and life choices – using storytelling and his rapping ability as vehicles for delivery of his message with great passion. His message stands out with its combination of lyricism and passion that is easily transmitted to audiences of any size and type.

On this episode, we chat about growing up Evangelical; discovering his true calling in comedy; early marriage and divorce; being queer while living polyamorously lifestyle; as well as evolving levels of connection with God. It is enlightening, funny and honest conversation!

Net Worth

He is a well-known figure on the Internet and has garnered much acclaim thanks to his many recent activities. Hailing from United States, he credits Stevie Wonder as his musical influence.

He provides clients with advice in all areas of labor and employment law, from drafting employment contracts to litigating wage and hour issues in court or before the NLRB. Furthermore, he excels at counseling employers on an array of workplace issues.

His net worth is currently estimated to be around $5 Million and his full body measurements & shoe size will soon be updated. Currently he is dating a girl and they seem happy together. He has appeared in various reality shows such as Love & Hip Hop as well as being one of twelve finalist in season seven of American Idol.

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