Steve Kherkher

Steve Kherkher – Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Lawyer

Steve Kherkher is renowned nationally as an outstanding trial lawyer known for his aggressive and diligent advocacy on behalf of clients involved in complex mass tort and personal injury litigation cases across Texas state courts.

He and his team have secured numerous impressive verdicts, such as a $15 million verdict in one of the country’s most conservative counties (John v. New Prime Inc, 129th Dist Ct Harris County).

Early Life and Education

Steve Kherkher has an undying commitment to helping those injured obtain justice. As a national trial attorney who maintains an expansive litigation practice throughout the United States, he specializes in product liability litigation, mass tort litigation and catastrophic injury cases.

After graduating top of his class from STCL Houston and founding his own law firm in his mid-20s, he credits South Texas education with giving him all of the tools to become an exceptional attorney and social media influencer.

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Professional Career

Steve is an esteemed trial lawyer known throughout the United States for his litigation practice in mass tort cases – pharmaceutical drug and device litigation, medical malpractice claims, personal injury lawsuits, insurance coverage litigations and wrongful death suits.

He has successfully secured multi-million dollar judgments from national insurance carriers in several lawsuits, such as his most recent case against Monsanto which resulted in a $46,500,000 award and verdict for those suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

In 2017 he successfully represented two individuals who experienced back injuries due to a crane collapse (Perkins v. Maxim Crane, et al, 11th Dist. Ct, Harris County Texas). A jury returned an award of $16,500,000 which comprised almost exclusively non-economic damages. He currently sits on the Plaintiffs Executive Committee for MDL 2444 “Transvaginal Mesh Litigation.”

Achievement and Honors

Kherkher has earned national renown as both a law firm leader and South Texas College of Law Houston graduate, receiving national recognition for his efforts. As such, he was invited to become part of the American Board of Trial Advocates organization which certifies only first-chair trial attorneys with exceptional character and honorable reputations.

Kherkher Garcia is an exceptional legal team based out of Houston with the ability and resources to effectively represent clients against large national and multi-national corporations throughout the U.S. He possesses considerable expertise in mass torts, catastrophic personal injury claims and wrongful death proceedings.

He has successfully sued pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers for causing severe injuries or deaths among their customers, and secured multiple million dollar verdicts and judgments for them.

Personal Life

Kherkher successfully graduated law school and immediately launched his own firm. Combining legal work with social media presence, he assists injured parties with personal injury cases while simultaneously producing videos for YouTube and TikTok.

As a mass tort attorney, his work has seen him obtain numerous record-setting verdicts on behalf of his clients. Additionally, he spearheaded and first-chaired multiple lawsuits against Monsanto that yielded multi-million dollar judgments for those suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

He has extensive experience representing homeowners and business owners in insurance coverage litigation matters, successfully representing both them in disputes between insurers and policyholders and bad faith claims. Additionally, he assists families obtain favorable judgments against national carriers that wrongfully deny them benefits they deserve. Licensed to practice law in Texas state courts as well as US District Court for Eastern District of States.

Net Worth

Kherkher has found great success practicing law, as well as producing video content. His distinctive marketing strategy helps “little guys” win personal injury cases more easily; and his videos have become immensely popular on both YouTube and TikTok. Kherkher employs full-time staff members to assist him with producing his videos.

He is best-known for his lawsuits against Monsanto that have resulted in multi-million dollar awards to his clients, while also representing high-profile sports agents and managers.

Steven Kherkher of Houston dismissed a suit against Williams Hart Boundas Easterby (now Williams Hart Boundas Easterby) and two of its partners after an arbitration award settled the value of his capital account and resolved a dispute regarding proceeds from their litigation practice.

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