Steve Newberry

Steve Newberry – A Small Market Broadcaster

Maintaining a radio station in a small market requires exceptional skill. Not every radio group owner understands the differences between “in phase” and “out of phase,” or knows how to run audio cable into punchblocks or disassemble cart machines.

Early Life and Education

Steve Newberry was born in Peterstown, West Virginia. He attended a small high school nearby and graduated with honors, then attended WVU where he played football – holding the record for most career interceptions ever in college football – eventually playing professionally and coaching at his alma mater as well.

As soon as he graduated, he entered naval aviation before transitioning to semiconductor research at Lam Research Corporation where he held various roles before becoming chairman of QUU’s Board of Trustees.

QUU is a global ad sync tech firm providing audio playback and advertising on in-car entertainment systems. Prior to joining QUU, Steve Newberry served as Executive Vice President for Industry Affairs and Strategic Planning at the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC where he oversaw its television, radio, membership departments as well as outreach initiatives with auto manufacturers.

Professional Career

Steve Newberry served for 17 years as an executive with Lam Research Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer. His roles included increasing responsibilities in manufacturing, engineering and sales and marketing; additionally he held board membership at both Applied Materials for TFT LCD displays and Nextest Systems Corporation.

Newberry has provided his “The Leadership Trap” presentation at professional development seminars, national conferences and university forums. This talk addresses the strategies and skills necessary for executives as they advance in their corporate careers.

Newberry was previously Executive Vice President for Industry Affairs and Strategic Planning at the NAB in Washington. Here he oversaw multiple projects including outreach efforts with automotive firms and construction of its new headquarters; additionally he sits on the board of SEMI (Suppliers Electronic Materials Institute).

Achievement and Honors

Steve Newberry founded and currently serves as chairman of Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation, a radio broadcast group with facilities throughout Kentucky. Beginning his career at age 14, Newberry purchased his first station by age 21. Additionally, Newberry has served as president of Kentucky Broadcasters Association as well as being inducted into their Hall of Fame.

His passion and political acumen combined to make him one of the country’s premier broadcasters. He led the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC and was an invaluable advocate on Capitol Hill and before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

He is currently serving on multiple public company boards and is a director at Lam Research Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer providing wafer fabrication equipment to flat panel display, glass, and solar industries. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering from the United States Naval Academy as well as having completed Harvard Graduate School of Business’s Program for Management Development.

Personal Life

Newberry comes from an active political family; his mother taught high school civics while his father served in the Kentucky legislature. Family dinner conversations typically revolved around politics or government initiatives; this natural passion and understanding were integral components of his leadership at the National Association of Broadcasters.

He also served as Radio Board Chair and NABPAC Chairman of the NAB. Through ad sync technology, he has collaborated with broadcasters to ensure they effectively connect their content to local communities.

Personal life he is happily married and the father of three. He enjoys laughing and learning and founded Scratch Garden video production company as a means to combine them both.

Net Worth

Stephen G Newberry currently serves as Director at Splunk Inc, as well as being an active member of both the Dean’s Advisory Group and Harvard Graduate School of Business Program for Management Development. In 1997 he joined Lam Research Corporation as Executive Vice President before later transitioning to COO and then president. Since 2012 he has also held on as Chairman.

Dr. Coffing also serves as a director for SEMI, the industry trade association, and Nextest Systems Corporation. Prior to that he spent five years serving with Naval Aviation (antisubmarine warfare). Furthermore, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Ocean Engineering from United States Naval Academy.

As of October 18th 2017, his net worth stood at $9.54 Million dollars and he made $300,923 as an Independent Director at Splunk Inc. Over the last three months, no insider transactions occurred between himself and Splunk.

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