Steve Oshins

Estate Planning Attorney Steve Oshins

Dick Oshins specializes in estate and asset protection planning and owns Oshins & Associates LLC law firm in Las Vegas to represent high net worth clients.

He has played an instrumental role in passing laws favorable to various trusts and entities in Nevada, and lectures at large estate-planning conferences across the nation.

Early Life and Education

Steve Oshins found dentistry an easy choice because he enjoyed caring for others, helping others and working on intricate projects such as art. Plus, meeting and exceeding patient expectations proved to be second nature to him!

Oshins regularly lectures and shares his industry knowledge through national webinars, teleseminars and interviews. He strongly believes that providing estate and creditor protection ideas and techniques to as many people possible is one of the best ways to expand his business.

Oshins is widely recognized for creating charts ranking different states’ Dynasty Trust laws, Domestic Asset Protection Trust laws and Trust Decanting laws – these charts are utilized by nearly every estate planner across the country and also frequently featured by prominent financial publications. Additionally, Oshins frequently contributes articles for these publications.

Professional Career

Oshins is a partner at Oshins & Associates and was honored to be included on The Best Lawyers in America list. Additionally, he was recognized with being named Las Vegas Trusts and Estates Lawyer of the Year as well as receiving an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell.

Estate and asset protection are his passion, and he regularly presents at national conferences on these subjects. Additionally, his expertise can be shared via webinars, teleseminars, interviews and published articles.

Muller remembers Oshins as being a wonderful friend who always made time for others, often picking up on jokes from Statler and Waldorf on The Muppet Show to continue laughing with. Donations in his memory may be made to Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Massachusetts (SHA), where Alison Kur is currently working. Additionally, memorial contributions can be made in his name for Abi (Wheelock ’15), Jem (CGS ’19), and Zachary (SHA 212). He died aged 59 years.

Achievement and Honors

Oshins is widely recognized for his expertise in estate and creditor protection law, often sharing it with large audiences through webinars, teleseminars and interviews. Additionally, he frequently lectures at major estate-planning conferences as well as publishing numerous works about it.

Oshins has earned numerous achievements over his long and distinguished legal career, such as being listed among America’s Best Lawyers(r) for Trusts and Estates Law in 2009. Martindale-Hubbell awarded him with an AV rating, while he is also an esteemed Fellow of the American College of Trusts and Estates Lawyers.

Oshins has recently joined forces with Trustate, an award-winning technology company founded and run by women from Tampa Bay that uses data to manage estates efficiently and enhance attorneys’ ability to #EaseTheBurden of their client estates.

Personal Life

Oshins spends much of his time traveling to large estate planning conferences, webinars, and teleseminars; however, he also likes engaging with people directly at his firm’s local events. According to him, education people about trusts such as dynasty trusts, domestic asset protection trusts and decanting is central to his marketing strategy.

He has written many of the laws that have helped make Nevada one of the leading states for various trusts, earning him recognition from Estate Planning Hall of Fame.

Outside of his legal career, Oshins is an avid sports fan who participates in recreational leagues and supports local teams. Additionally, he loves cooking and attending the gym regularly.

Net Worth

One may be amazed to find out there’s also an Estate-Planning Hall of Fame! Comprised of 100 advisors, attorneys, CPAs and law professors deemed most influential within the field, this distinguished list enshrines those who have made profound impacts in estate-planning industry.

Oshins was an integral member of this team. He wrote many of Nevada’s key trust and asset protection laws – such as its 365-year perpetuity law and charging order statute – as well as creating the first charts ranking states for Dynasty Trust laws, Domestic Asset Protection Trust laws and Decanting Trust laws.

As well as his private practice, he shares his wealth-protection ideas through national seminars, webinars and interviews. His client base primarily comprises high net-worth individuals and billionaires.

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