Steve Rhoads

Steve Rhoads – Newly Elected State Senator From the 5th District

Steve Rhoads specializes in counseling non-profit organizations and other clients on grants, contracts for services, employment and institutional governance matters. Additionally, he represents various licensed professionals before their professional licensing boards as well as offering advice regarding employment issues, risk management concerns and land development matters.

As well as his affinity for Gilbert & Sullivan shows, Marcy can bowl expertly. Additionally, both are talented singers able to impromptu crooning show tunes together.

Early Life and Education

Rhoads was drawn into politics as a seventh grade student when she volunteered on Assemblyman Frederick Parola’s campaign for extra credit in Wantagh. Now he serves his community in Albany as the newly elected Republican state senator from 5th District.

Rhoads contends that his disability pension should be calculated based on his $49,800 annual salary as determined by the Board. We disagree.

Some Americans understandably value the breadwinner-homemaker ideal, since it helped more families survive after World War II. Unfortunately, however, those days are gone as wages stagnate while basic costs like healthcare and housing increase and productivity gains accrue to an increasingly small portion of society. Such an arrangement no longer seems financially or politically sustainable.

Professional Career

Steve serves on both the Hiring Committee and Summer Associate Committee at his firm. Additionally, he is part of both Insurance and Professional Liability Practice Groups.

He provides advice to non-profit organizations regarding grant agreements, contracts for services, employment issues and institutional governance. In addition, he represents licensed professionals before their state regulatory boards as well as defend investigations initiated by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

Rhoads enjoyed working on the show alongside various writers and directors, most notably Peter Bogue whom he credits as being both an exceptional researcher and writer.

Achievement and Honors

Steven is widely respected within the law enforcement community, serving on committees at an International, State, and Local level. Additionally, he has given lectures across both domestic and international venues on Interview/Interrogation Strategies; Subconscious Communication Techniques and Body Language Analysis.

He holds instrument pilot, advanced scuba diver and amateur magician credentials, with an additional degree in behavioral science bringing both educational experience and scientific insights to his teaching style.

At present he serves New York State Senate District 5 after having been elected in 2022 and taking over for former Democrat John Brooks.

Personal Life

As a state senator, Rhoads will continue to stand up for families by fighting to reform dangerous bail laws that release killers and gang members from jail and reduce property tax burden. He will also stand in solidarity with police officers so they have all of the resources they require to safeguard our neighborhoods.

Rhoads has successfully brought cases to verdict or by arbitration involving allegations of hospital administration malpractice and psychiatric care; municipal liability; payment disputes in commercial construction projects and zoning issues. He also represents licensed professionals facing proceedings initiated by their licensing boards.

Martindale-Hubble has recognized him with an “AV Preeminent” Rating since 1996.

Net Worth

As both a mortgage broker and resident of Bellmore, Steve is an accomplished and well-rounded individual. He holds memberships with organizations like Wantagh-Seaford Homeowners Association, Kiwanis Club of Wantagh/Seaford/Lakewood Park/Knights of Columbus as well as Bellmore Lions Club.

Mr. Williamson has taught Subconscious Communication to police departments from across the United States and internationally, giving lectures on Interview/Interrogation techniques as well as Police Use of Force cases in State and Federal court trials. Additionally, he has served as an expert witness in court cases on Interview/Interrogation techniques as well as Police Use of Force issues.

He has completed over two trades of Huntington Bancshares stock since 2021 and currently owns 14,705 units worth over $1,305,154. Subscribers to LegiStorm Pro can view a comprehensive legislative history for this office – click here to discover more or subscribe or log in!

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