Steve Satlow

Steve Satlow, Brooklyn Dodgers, Meets His Hero, Jackie Robinson, Two Doors Down

Eight-year-old Steve Satlow loves baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1948, when his family relocated to primarily Jewish Flatbush section of Brooklyn, they met their hero Jackie Robinson who would become neighbors.

Robinson quickly becomes more than just an acquaintance of Satlow family traditions and gives them a Christmas tree, unaware that Chanukah celebration is occurring simultaneously.

Early Life and Education

At eight-years-old, eight-year-old Stephen Satlow only cares about one thing-the Brooklyn Dodgers. He spends hours reading sports pages and listening to games on radio; until, in 1948, when an African American family moves into his predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Though some neighbors may object to them being there, Steve sees this change as beneficial; his hero Jackie Robinson broke through the color barrier just last year!

Although initially at odds, two families soon become friends and learn to get along. Inspired by true events, this book imparts valuable lessons about tolerance and acceptance; even though the author occasionally used modern slang in dialogue and some details are left vague, its overall message serves as a powerful reminder that friendship can transcend barriers.

Professional Career

Steve Satlow, an eight-year-old boy living in 1948 Brooklyn, only cares about one thing – the Dodgers. With his father as his guide, they spend hours reading sports pages and listening to games on radio broadcasts of their beloved team. Aside from some run-ins with teachers and occasional run-ins with peers at school, life was generally fairly routine for Steve until hearing of an African American family moving into his neighborhood – two doors down! Steve finally has an opportunity to meet his hero – the man responsible for breaking color barriers in baseball just 12 months earlier!

Authored by Sharon Robinson, daughter of Jackie Robinson and recipient of the Sunshine State Young Readers Award, this true tale emphasizes friendship and breaking barriers.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Satlow is an eight-year-old boy in 1948 who only cares about one thing-the Brooklyn Dodgers. With the help of his father and reading sports pages and radio broadcasts of games, Steve spends hours reading sports pages and listening to games on radio broadcasts. Life for Steve seems simple until one day he hears rumors that an African American family might move into his neighborhood – others might object but Steve knows it is right because Jackie Robinson, his hero from baseball just one year prior had broken the color barrier! Written by her daughter of baseball icon Jackie Robinson herself with illustrations by Caldecott Honor winner, this touching tale shows that friendship can bring out of anyone!

Personal Life

Stephen Satlow lives and breathes baseball. In 1948 Brooklyn, young Stephen lives for his Dodgers; when a family of African Americans are moving into his all-Jewish neighborhood, some neighbors oppose it; but Steve knows this to be unfair; Jackie Robinson had recently broken the color barrier in baseball and should be revered as his hero.

Two families become friends. While some dialogue can be stilted and moralizing, it remains an engaging story that will teach readers about tolerance, friendship and quiet heroism. Author and daughter of Jackie Robinson based her book on actual events by conducting interviews with Satlows and Robinsons from both families, using biographies of her father for research as well as news stories to compile it all.

Net Worth

The Satlow family are an all-Jewish household living in Brooklyn’s Flatbush section. Eight-year-old Steve is an avid Dodgers fan who spends hours reading sports pages with his father. When an African American family moves in next door, some neighbors object to them being there due to racial tensions; however, Jackie, Steve’s aunt welcomes them and Steve. During their first Christmas together Jackie learns they don’t own one so she surprises them by gifting one as an unexpected surprise gift.

Since 2013, he has made over 14 trades of Tyson Foods stock since 2013. On 16 September 2020, he exercised 3,208 units valued at $2,156,630 and made an estimated income of over $680,000 from these transactions as an MLB analyst and former executive. Both him and his wife have also donated generously to various causes throughout their lives.

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