Steve Shallenberger

Steve Shallenberger – Successful Entrepreneur, Trusted Senior Executive, Professional Corporate Trainer and Respected Community Leader

Steve Shallenberger is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, senior executive, professional corporate trainer and community leader whose seminars on leadership, time-management and goal setting have received widespread acclaim.

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Early Life and Education

Steve Shallenberger was raised in a small town in northern California before attending Brigham Young University. Following graduation, he founded Eagle Systems International as a leadership consulting firm and quickly rose through the ranks, running four businesses from four industries while becoming an in-demand corporate trainer. Steve also served as missionary with Spain Madrid Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before serving an apostleship role himself and compiling 40 years of success research into Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, becoming a National Bestselling book in 2019. Throughout these roles and worldwide efforts by both organizations and leaders, Steve has provided leadership consulting firm expertise that has assisted thousands of leaders from diverse sectors around the globe.

Today, Steve is the founder of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership and has provided consulting and training services for over 400 organizations to help them realize their goals and dreams. Additionally, he is an author and speaker.

Professional Career

Steve Shallenberger brings four decades of experience as a business owner, trusted senior executive, professional corporate trainer and respected community leader to each role he assumes in four different industries. He has built numerous organizations from scratch while continuing his studies at Harvard Business School.

Steve Covey worked closely with him over many years to establish the world-renowned Covey Leadership Center. Steve’s primary passions in life are family, fun and helping others realize their full potential in life.

He is well known for delivering entertaining, energetic, and highly impactful keynotes and seminars all around the globe, speaking in every continent as well as conducting team building events with leaders and organizations from every walk of life.

Achievement and Honors

Running a business in today’s high-pressure environment can be challenging. Sometimes it seems as though personal life must sacrificed in order to succeed at work – but Steve Shallenberger stands as proof that this needn’t be the case.

He has synthesized 40 years of success and leadership research into a National Best Seller book called Becoming Your Best!, as well as teaching this material worldwide. Additionally, he is widely respected community leader who has led companies across four different industries while being president of Brigham Young University Alumni Association, America’s Freedom Festival President, mission President in Madrid Spain as well as founder of Synergy Companies which offers energy efficiency service companies.

He speaks internationally about leadership, communication, time management and meeting goals to audiences of all kinds. For more information about hiring Steve Shallenberger for your event or conference contact an All American Speakers Bureau booking agent today!

Personal Life

Steve Shallenberger is a family man who finds great pleasure in having fun and helping others. An advocate for young people, Steve has served on the boards of America’s Freedom Foundation and YPO Gold; in addition to this role he serves as president of Brigham Young University Alumni Association Utah chapter as well as being on its Board of Trustees.

He provides golden nuggets of wisdom about parenting and leadership through keynotes and seminars, drawing upon decades of research on success as a basis for achieving personal and organizational success.

Steve Shallenberger is the Founder and President of Synergy Companies, an energy efficiency service company dedicated to helping Californians lower their energy usage, as well as CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership LLC. Together with his son Rob, they are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential.

Net Worth

Steve Shallenberger is President of Synergy Companies, an energy efficiency service company helping Californians reduce their energy usage drastically. Additionally, he serves on the Board of America’s Freedom Foundation and as a Charter Member of Utah Young Presidents Organization Chapter. Co-authored of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership.

He is a business owner, trusted senior executive, professional corporate trainer, and respected community leader with an in-depth knowledge of building people, companies and organizations from scratch. Known worldwide for his dynamic keynotes and seminars on leadership, communication, time management, goals setting and relationships. Over his 40 year success research journey he has taught thousands of leaders from 25+ countries and developed his proven results-driven success blueprint.

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