Steve Shute

Steve Shute

Steve Shute serves as Executive Vice President-Sales for Veradigm Inc, where his primary duties involve creating customer impact at scale and meeting revenue goals while overseeing global field operations organizations.

Shute brings extensive experience leading global sales and success organizations at SAP and Allscripts, and will assist DocuSign in transitioning towards a single sales and success team focused on growth while simultaneously creating customer impact.

Early Life and Education

Steve Shute serves as Executive VP of Sales at Veradigm Inc. He brings with him over twenty years of experience in healthcare technology and innovative solutions that drive value at the point of care, having previously held senior director status at Oracle Health Sciences prior to joining Veradigm.

He serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Denver and is active with both the American Optometric Association and Fresno County Medical Society.

His three children will attend graduation this year from USC; Cole serves as an avalanche safety instructor while Trevor studies cognitive science. Each triplet receives support through the Trojan Guardian Scholars program which assists current and former foster youth by offering assistance with financial aid, housing needs and social events.

Professional Career

Since joining IBM in 2001, he has held various executive leadership roles across its global operations – such as global roles for enterprise sales and customer success – while becoming one of the foremost authorities on how technology can solve complex business issues while creating value for its users.

Shute currently serves as President of Veradigm Inc, a company which digitally transforms healthcare insights. His responsibilities include leading its worldwide field operations team and driving growth for the company.

He is also an integral part of Notre Dame University’s Ten Years Hence event series, engaging students, faculty and guests in structured speculation on key trends that could impact business and society over the next ten years. Fluency in both English and Spanish allows him to provide informative talks at these events.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Shute has served as Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sussex since October 2014, holding responsibility for resources, planning, innovation, and sustainability as well as chairing several key University committees.

Shute’s best-known novel, On the Beach (1957), depicted a near future where nuclear war has devastated northern hemisphere, polluting it with radioactive fallout and killing all animal life before slowly moving south along air currents to potentially pollute the entire planet.

He features a soothing tenor singing voice, and is joined on three tracks by singer-songwriter Brenda Baskin and NWA Motivational Angel Choir members Ashtyn Barbaree, Dawn Cate-Bonner, Janna Falkner-Perry, Sarah Loethen, and Kendra Kirby from NWA Motivational Angel Choir. Throughout his musical career he has performed both as soloist and in ensembles.

Personal Life

Steve Shute is a loving family man. An avid supporter of Fresno State Athletics, Steve is also passionate about supporting arts. An active volunteer, Steve is committed to Fresno State Athletics as well as passionately advocating the arts.

As pro-vice-chancellor for planning and resources at the University of Sussex, he currently holds strategic responsibility for resource management, innovation and sustainability as well as HR issues and equality and diversity issues.

Professor Shute has held senior roles with multiple Research Councils and Quality Assurance Agencies both domestically and overseas, chairing AHRC Law Review Panels as well as leading international panels tasked with evaluating and accrediting Estonian law degree programmes. Additionally he served on both Home Office Law Review Committees as well as Lord Chancellor Committees.

Net Worth

Steve Shute has joined DocuSign as President of Worldwide Field Operations to digitally transform how agreements are prepared, signed, acted upon and managed globally. Drawing upon nearly three decades of experience leading enterprise sales and success organizations at companies like SAP, IBM and Allscripts he will oversee regional sales teams while reporting directly to DocuSign CEO Dan Springer.

In 1930, he established Airspeed Ltd. with the purpose of building passenger-carrying dirigible R100; however, after the tragic crash of its government counterpart R101 in 1930, this interest in dirigibles dissipated completely in Britain.

Shute’s novels were known for their straightforward writing style and emphasised the dignity of work regardless of class – whether for a Spanish bar hostess in Ruined City or an intellectual but uneducated boffin in No Highway. He was also noted for capturing atmosphere effectively.

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