Steve Speer

Steve Speer – A Performance Improvement Specialist

Steve Speer is an esteemed performance improvement specialist with vast expertise in manufacturing, operations, and quality systems environments. His track record speaks for itself when it comes to creating high performing teams.

He successfully completed his journeyman wireman apprenticeship in 1978 and joined Phoenix Local 640 where he served on both its examining board and executive board before being appointed business manager and eventually Seventh District International Representative.

Early Life and Education

Speer worked tirelessly during his first two terms as mayor to transform Denver into “Paris on the Platte.” To this end, he found guidance at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair where examples of City Beautiful ideas could be seen on display.

Speer was an early proponent of this philosophy, hiring New York City planner Charles M. Robinson to develop a city plan and create a network of parks throughout his city.

Once he had moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, Speer made a living as both an insurance salesman and shape-note singer/teacher. Most of his musical knowledge came from gospel convention-produced songbooks distributed to shape-note singers at all-day conventions; additionally he taught singing classes often for bartered goods or services.

Professional Career

Steve Speer is an industry-renowned expert in quality operations and continuous improvement for companies of all sizes. Known for being highly analytical, Steve is adept at rapidly assessing existing processes while offering practical solutions.

He boasts extensive managerial and supervisory abilities that make him an asset to any team. His success in building high-performance teams while increasing productivity and profitability stands as testament to this fact.

Furthermore, he has proven his effectiveness at reducing costs and cycle times while simultaneously improving product quality. With experience implementing innovative quality improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives – Propharma Group, Genmark Diagnostics and Life Technologies among them – as well as working on projects with various organizations, such as Mesa Biotech, Inc he currently employed there.

Achievement and Honors

Speer has an avid passion for psychology and cybernetics, which led him to author several books in these subjects. Additionally, his photography can be found in corporate offices worldwide as well as private homes.

Speer was honored to receive the American Soybean Association (ASA) Midwest region Conservation Legacy Award in 2012. This prestigious recognition honors soybean farmers who exhibit outstanding environmental stewardship on their land.

An esteemed citizen, he has served both on Beaverton City Council and Oregon Agricultural Policy Board. Additionally, he was public school teacher, coach and volunteer. When not volunteering his time and talents he enjoys snow skiing, waterskiing and golf as hobbies on his farm where he raises Shetland ponies and horses as well as children coming in regularly to his house to learn about livestock and horses.

Personal Life

Steve Speer was a dedicated businessman and philanthropist who cared deeply about his family, community, and country. His generosity enabled projects like Mattoon YMCA, Paris train depot renovation project, World War II Memorial in Ellisville as well as many others.

After Mary Tom married, the Speer family brought Joyce Black onto their band as another female soprano singer and pianist. Joyce proved an essential addition, performing several of its standards with a smooth RCA Nashville production that rivaled other gospel music bands.

Home Shopping Network (HSN), established by Speer and Bud Paxson in 1978, revolutionized shopping by providing consumers with electronic interactivity. Viewers could call in and interact with HSN representatives about products seen on television by asking questions, placing orders, and receiving discounts.

Net Worth

Speer began eCommerce Lending, an acquisition financing company for many top online business brokerage firms. His company has funded over $1 billion in loans.

He continues to own and manage real estate in Florida, the Bahamas and Nashville as well as investing in new technology companies. Now semi-retired, he spends his time between homes in both states.

From 2019-2021, he served as Graduate Assistant Cross Country/Track & Field Coach at Messiah University. During this time he led weekly team devotions, oversaw all aspects of team operations (expense reporting, travel logistics management and home meet management), mentored Messiah student-athletes as well as providing weekly team devotions. Currently, they reside together in Nashville TN with four children.

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