Steve Strouse

Steve Strouse – Owner of Steve Strouse Trees

Strouse can often be found repairing and crafting wood products at home. He takes great pleasure in knowing his creations become part of Centre County history through fairs around the area.

He takes great pride in his residential tree work, including trimming and removal as well as new tree installation. His company provides courteous service at fair prices.

Early Life and Education

As his family moved frequently when he was young, he made use of this opportunity to explore unfamiliar locations. This taught him to adapt quickly to various environments while cultivating his appreciation of nature.

As soon as he graduated high school, Steve worked for a full-service tree care provider where he learned all there was to know about their industry. Armed with this newfound knowledge of tree care services, Steve decided to launch his own tree care firm.

He currently sits on the Board of Oregon Small Woodlands Association, while both he and Wylda have participated in legislative hearings. Furthermore, they serve as Forest Land Owner Representatives on the State Emergency Fire Cost Committee that uses private forest landowner funds collected via property assessments and harvest taxes to pay for large fire costs.

Professional Career

Steve’s Toledo Tree Service’s crew takes great pride in their work and strives to leave each property better than they found it when they arrive.

Steve believes his promotion to account manager was an ideal fit, since he already had experience sharing much of the knowledge required with clients. Steve credits Joshua Tree’s commitment to training with equipping him for this new challenge.

Education has always been a passion of Steve Fireng, not simply a job – with over 25 years’ experience leading institutional and corporate teams in higher education settings. Today he serves as CEO for Keypath Education – an online higher education program management company.

Achievement and Honors

Steve quickly established himself as an expert on forest and fire ecology within the inland west after being laid off from his lumber mill job. Through the Forest Service he conducted extensive research that has helped shape his career to date.

He has published over 250 papers covering a range of subjects such as silviculture, fire ecology and forest dynamics – his contributions are highly esteemed by both academics and practitioners in the forestry community.

Steve’s dedication to public education is unparalleled. He has volunteered his expertise with Park Pride and Trees Atlanta groups as a speaker on environmental topics, while serving on the City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee since its creation.

Steve is not only known for his professional achievements but is also a published short-story writer – his pieces can be found in multiple publications such as Centipede Press’ Out of the Dark collection.

Personal Life

Steve enjoys spending his free time outdoors and participating in various outdoor activities year-round, such as snowmobiling, camping and boating with his daughter Caroline. Additionally, his martial arts training helps maintain flexibility and strength needed to safely climb trees.

She is an energetic leader with vast experience across major economies in various industries and client types, developing future leaders as well as helping people realise their full potential. He champions diversity and believes everyone should feel free to express themselves freely at work.

Porcaro joined Silmarillion (later shortened to Marillion) in 1979 and performed with them on Glen Campbell’s television variety show. Later he helped found touring band Toto with drummer Jeff Porcaro and bassist Mike Porcaro.

Net Worth

Steve has an extraordinary passion for forestry and land management, continuously seeking ways to better his property for the long-term benefit of his family. By employing professionals as well as his own hard work, results like Madison Farms are achieved. An example would be its contiguous parcel which offers recreation such as hiking trails that double up as fire lanes as well as wood from timber sales/TSI operations, water 4 very nice ponds/streams for wildlife food plots/camera surveys to measure wildlife usage patterns.

He is involved in various community activities and charitable organizations. He serves on the board of directors at Applied Underwriters, which offers workers’ comp notification services for small to medium-sized businesses, while serving as chairman of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). With nearly 800 employees nationwide, this company offers comprehensive workers’ comp services.

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