Steve Whitehead

Steve Whitehead

Steve Whitehead serves as President of Vanir Construction Management, Inc. He is responsible for setting policy and strategic direction across its nine geographic regions throughout the US, while simultaneously co-chairing their Insurance Coverage Practice Group and leading their Professional Liability Practice Groups.

He is an adept advocate in federal and state courts, representing employers in employment matters including individual and class action discrimination suits, wage and hour lawsuits and breach of contract claims.

Early Life and Education

Steve Whitehead hails from Roosevelt, Long Island where he learned his craft of entertainment through stand-up comedy and acting. Additionally, he worked at a local radio station where he gained insight into its business practices.

At the University of Wales Aberystwyth he studied Visual Art under abstract painter David Tinker whose teachings proved influential. Later he won a scholarship at Courtauld Institute of Art London to study Art Conservation.

Whitehead soon found himself competing in indoor football league with Tri Cities Fever and later owning Elite Athletics Training where he coaches young athletes. Whitehead enjoys watching his clients grow and push themselves harder than they believe possible; part of what has earned them their reputation is continually seeking ways to be better.

Professional Career

Steve Whitehead’s practice specializes in helping higher education institutions address the unique challenges posed by rapid technological development. He brings vast experience speaking on topics related to STEM, leadership and academic innovation.

Whitehead, who earned both high school all-state and collegiate all-American status at McNeese State University, hopes to make an impression during his debut workout with the Saints on Friday. Additionally, he looks forward to mentoring athletes back home in Tri Cities area.

He is an internationally-recognized author on the topic of Total Inclusivity, having written best-selling books like “Many Faces of Men” and “International Schooling”. Additionally, he co-founded Intelligence Partnership which specialises in emotional intelligence training for individuals and organisations; additionally he regularly contributes to Educational Digest International as a regular contributor.

Achievement and Honors

Whitehead is an esteemed British painter renowned for his realistic landscapes and figure compositions. He studied art at Aberystwyth University under abstract painter David Tinker before continuing his education at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art.

Whitehead’s work draws heavily upon the landscape traditions of northern European romanticists like Caspar David Friedrich and Biedermeier realist painters; each painting he creates from images, sketches and color notes taken on location before painstakingly recreating them in his studio – this process may take two years or more!

Whitehead serves on both THG’s board of directors and Harriemore Ltd’s People Leadership Team; in both capacities he champions good industrial relations practices while serving as an expert on pay equality issues.

Personal Life

Whitehead began his personal training career after playing both NFL and indoor league football, where he excelled. He finds immense satisfaction helping people meet their goals; especially young athletes. Witnessing them succeed and grow is what motivates him; helping them believe more in themselves than they thought possible is his reward for keeping at it.

James has also proven his commitment to charity with donations made to various charitable organizations, while serving on several boards including those of Harriemore Ltd and THG Plc.

He resides in Winterville, Georgia with his wife and two dogs, enjoying golf and outdoor activities such as hiking with family and friends. Additionally, fishing and hunting are hobbies he pursues. Finally, playing guitar or singing are hobbies which bring great pleasure for him and others in his circle of friendship.

Net Worth

Whitehead is an attorney specializing in employment law issues. He has extensive experience representing management in disputes arising out of employer-employee relationships and handling numerous claims including individual and class action discrimination lawsuits, wage and hour matters, non-compete and restrictive covenant litigation and state actions regarding commission disputes or breach of contract cases – to name just some examples. Furthermore, his business operations experience lends practical legal assistance tailored to each of his client’s specific business operations needs.

His art can be classified as Photorealism; however, it differs from traditional forms in that his paintings do not reproduce photographs but instead create composite images based on both historic artwork and modern-day images. He primarily works in landscape painting but he also creates figure compositions.

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