Steve Worthington

Steve Worthington – A Man of Many Talents

Steve Worthington was a multifaceted individual. He excelled at radio disc jockeying, acting and theater technician roles – in addition to drawing stunning posters for Mountain Home magazine.

He has held various academic roles at Swinburne University in Melbourne as well as executive positions at an Australian bank and UK supermarket group. Sports is something he is extremely passionate about and believes can help others to realize their life ambitions.

Early Life and Education

Steve Worthington grew up in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. His father was an accomplished artist whose works can be found in museums. Additionally, he was an exceptional musician and carpenter – qualities which inspired Worthington himself. Worthington found great enjoyment in art, math and science – becoming fascinated with architecture as an opportunity to combine them and make an impactful difference in his environment.

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Worthington will draw upon the experience and leadership of former council members who have served as mayor before him, such as U.P. Mayor Pro Tem Javier Figueroa and Council Member Ed Wood.

Professional Career

Steve Worthington has held various roles, such as finance, accounting, sales and marketing management as well as leading merger and acquisition teams. Currently he works as Corporate Controller at Worthington Industries.

He holds a bachelor of engineering, with extensive experience working for multiple industrial equipment companies in this industry. Additionally, he boasts international exposure and excels at accounting and financial reporting.

Outside his work at Worthington, Mr. Leung also serves on the board of Cumming School of Medicine and as mentor for internationally trained professionals with Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council. Furthermore, he volunteers for Hockey Calgary to develop goaltenders of tomorrow.

Achievement and Honors

Worthington boasts an outstanding academic resume. In 2012, his article entitled “Banking without Banks: The Emergence of Payment Card Distributors” was published in the International Journal of Bank Marketing. His research interests center around financial services distribution – specifically exploring new entrants into markets and their impactful implications for existing firms.

Worthington has also provided coaching at Walsh University, Ouachita Baptist, Bethel College and Marian University – where as the Defensive Backs Coach for Jacksonville State University’s Javier Cordarrelle Patterson of Minnesota Vikings fame and Cameron Ellis won All-American accolades under him.

He serves on the Board of Directors at Warehouse Theatre and as a member of Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council. Furthermore, he volunteers with Hockey Calgary by helping develop goaltenders of tomorrow.

Personal Life

Steven Worthington is not only a successful businessman but is also actively involved in community life. He holds strong beliefs that sports play an integral role in developing young people; providing them with skills and confidence necessary for survival in an increasingly competitive world.

Steven is an attentive family man, taking great pleasure in spending time with his children and engaging in plein-air watercoloring – something which allows him to slow down and observe his world more closely. Steven finds great fulfillment working as a designer; his innovation drives his work and provides opportunities for challenge. Living long in Calgary, Steven has experienced both its economic ups and downs first hand.

Net Worth

Worthington Industries is an industrial manufacturing company that specializes in metal fabrication, pressure cylinders, celebration products and tools. Serving clients across a range of industries – transportation, construction, energy agriculture retail – the company boasts a market cap of $50,966,714 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol WOR.

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