Steven Altenburg

The Life of Steven Altenburg

Every spring, George and Helen Altenburg make it their mission to have their spectacular wall of blooming lilacs adorn the Old Mission General Store near Old Mission Plaza. It makes a beautiful spectacle.

The couple resided at various addresses including 5 S Atlantic Street in Bay Shore, 36 Freeman Avenue in Islip and five Chestnut Court in Commack.

Early Life and Education

Steve Altenburg hails from Dickinson, North Dakota. After attending Belfield High School and Bismarck State College he relocated to Denver. There he attended Colorado Aero Tech School in Broomfield before working as an aircraft engineer for Ocado Group as a Senior Maintenance Engineer.

He has also performed widely across both North America and Europe. Sharing stages with such notable musicians as John Abercrombie and Randy Brecker.

His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and extensive experience in school finance. Prior to being named superintendent at District 44 he served as assistant superintendent for finances and operations – providing services to many west suburban Lombard and Glen Ellyn students.

Professional Career

Steve Altenburg has been performing as a musician around the globe since the early 1980s, performing across North America, Europe, Scandinavia and recording over forty international albums. A full professor of music at Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen Netherlands with an active performance schedule that spans across North America Europe Scandinavia as well as educational programs and clinics, Dr. Lonnie Smith John Abercrombie Randy Brecker have all shared the stage together with Steve. Members of NAMM and ASCAP as well as family include his wife Doreen Altenburg with daughter Tori Lucero and son Landon Altenburg among his family members.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Altenburg has not only achieved great musical success but has also seen outstanding academic success. He was instrumental in instituting football as a varsity sport at Adelphi University and held various positions within their athletics department including head coaching of men’s basketball and golf teams.

He has worked extensively throughout North America and Europe, sharing the stage with artists like Lonnie Smith and John Abercrombie. Additionally, he founded the New York Jazz Orchestra and received several prestigious honors and awards.

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Personal Life

Steven Altenberg is an active Jehovah’s Witness and strongly believes in the promise of eternal life on an enhanced Earth promised in Scripture. Steven enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends and reading the Bible – activities he finds immensely fulfilling.

He currently works as a music educator at The Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen, The Netherlands and has performed and taught around the world as an educator and performer.

Steven Altenburg is thought to be married, with children and grandchildren. He has lived at various addresses throughout New York including 5 S Atlantic St in Bay Shore, 36 Freeman Ave in Islip, 7 Fruitwood Ln in Commack and 103 Ponquogue Ct in Melville. In addition to these addresses, Bernadette M Kelly, Bonnie Lee Corcoran, Brian C Altenburg Bridget J Corcoran Carol Antoniette Sirc Carrie Reinhold James C Corcoran Laura A Marek may all be associated with him.

Net Worth

Altenburg had achieved great success in his career and is widely known for his tireless hard work ethic. Additionally, he’s known as an entertaining storyteller with the power to make people laugh; his life serves as an inspiration to many; moreover he was a wonderful husband and father who greatly cared about his family; all those who knew him will miss him dearly.

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