Steven Ams

Steven Ams

He specializes in water resources planning and engineering, sustainable urban water management, green infrastructure design, stormwater and urban stream management as well as undergraduate and graduate classes on these subjects – providing classroom discussions, project-based learning sessions and international service learning to his students.

He has devised models to measure the sales lift from trade promotions on an individual store item level or household-level targeting for consumer packaged goods companies, high tech firms and grocery chains. In addition, he has published various journal articles and books related to this topic.

Early Life and Education

Steven Amsterdam brings over 30 years of business consulting experience to the table. As such, he was instrumental in the launch of Keurig Premium Coffee Systems as well as being involved with multiple non-profit organizations.

He brings extensive marketing and education experience from international markets and leading numerous ad campaigns. Additionally, he is an author on topics related to entrepreneurship and leadership.

His writing is widely-read and has appeared in multiple publications; for example, “The Book of Knowledge” appeared in River Teeth and later included in The Best American Essays collection. Most recently he released Things We Didn’t See Coming, an essay collection.

Professional Career

Steven Ams has spent his career working in various capacities related to technology and business. This has included worldwide new vehicle sales forecasting for Ford Motor Company, litigation research for major corporations, as well as training courses on statistical analysis techniques for consultants.

He is a highly acclaimed medical practitioner who contributes to his community by serving on various charitable and non-profit boards, such as the Nigerian Foundation based in the US, Cee Jay Crusades, MCN Global Interests LLC Steve Ams Ministries Minergy among many others.

He has worked on multiple projects with NASA, such as Autonomous Sciencecraft and Sensorweb Toolbox teams that won NASA Software of the Year awards. In addition, he is a member of both American Society of Civil Engineers and American Association of Engineering Educators.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Ams has amassed an extensive wealth of knowledge across various fields. He has held roles in research, engineering and teaching; moreover he is an award-winning author who has written or co-written over 50 peer reviewed papers; in addition, his podcast Quanta explores some of today’s hottest questions in science and math.

He received a Fellowship award from the American Mathematical Society for his contributions to number theory. Furthermore, he has been an active part of Williams Community and assisted many students during his time there.

He has contributed generously to various causes, such as the WSSU 1000 HORN$ program and Rams Varsity Club at Western State. Furthermore, his support of charitable endeavors such as YMCA membership has provided relief in multiple communities both domestically and overseas.

Personal Life

Steven is the oldest child of Hugh and Olivia’s children and harbors strong resentments against both of his parents, believing he is responsible for their mental health delusions – including Nell’s suicide.

He has an unfavorable relationship with Shirley, whom he believes to be against him leveraging their family experiences at Hill House in his book. Additionally, Luke worries about him, prompting him to tell Luke to get his “s**t together”.

He has an indifferent relationship with Theodora Crain, who uses royalties from his book to finance her PHD studies. Additionally, he fears mental illness and gets a vasectomy so as to not pass it onto any potential offspring.

Net Worth

Steven is part of NELK entertainment, an YouTube channel and company which specializes in viral prank videos. His channel currently boasts over three million subscribers while his videos have garnered over 256 million views – not to mention an extensive social media following.

Mendoza College in South Bend contracted him to teach MBA courses during its interterm intensive graduate sessions; this involved him traveling back and forth for two weeks of each fall and winter term. He also developed and manufactured Malavic, an NAFDAC registered combination of Lumefantrine and Artemether that acts as an antimalarial treatment against malaria.

He quickly becomes close with Peridot during her adventure on Earth and acts as her cheerleader when she discovers her ferrokinetic powers in “Kindergarten Kid”, then thanks him for helping her learn about corrupted gems through Room for Ruby. Additionally, he acts as her escort during this mission.

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