Steven Beal

Steven Beal – Affordable Housing Finance Expert and Owner of Firm, Steven Beal & Associates

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Steven returns to Walford and immediately initiates a campaign of hatred towards his dad, Ian, while at the same time falsely reporting to Abi that they are expecting a child together.

Early Life and Education

Steven was an enthusiastic fly fisher and white water kayaker who loved spending time at his family pond with Rayan and Canaan, his two children. Additionally, he was an accomplished woodworker – having taught drafting, industrial arts and woodshop courses at numerous schools over his 35 year teaching career.

Erwin also taught art appreciation, collage and photography studio classes at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois as a part-time professor before earning an M.F.A. at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He succeeded his father as CEO of National Railway Equipment Corp in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and led it with great steadfastness, being well-respected throughout the railroad industry for his thoughtful yet contemplative business acumen.

Professional Career

Steven Beal is an affordable housing finance expert and owner of Steven Beal & Associates. With more than two decades of experience in affordable housing finance, he serves on both Pinellas County Housing Finance Authority’s Board and Housing Advisory Committees.

He hosts a weekly segment on Food Guy and Marcy Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. Additionally, he is a member of International Business Brokers Association as an accredited Business Intermediary.

He is a seasoned speaker on topics relating to business and entrepreneurship, possessing extensive experience in financial analysis and forecasting. Additionally, he currently sits on the advisory council of Asia Society Northern California as well as being a trustee emeritus at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland.

Achievement and Honors

Beal’s tenure as President of California College of the Arts saw significant curricular enhancements and the introduction of several degree paths, such as an MBA in Design Strategy; bachelor’s degrees in animation, community arts, visual studies, writing & literature as well as curatorial practice, visual & critical studies and curatorial practice respectively. He also created the junior review, whereby students could present their works to external critics for review.

Beal was presented the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his selfless act during patrol on a jetty at Camp Pendleton when he unhesitatingly dove into a swift-flowing channel to rescue a fellow Marine. Additionally, he received numerous other awards for his service to our nation; including membership in Pacific Asia Society Northern California as well as trustee emeritus status at Creative Growth Art Center of Oakland in California.

Personal Life

Steven Beal is an American artist and poet. He has published two books and was nominated for a Colorado Book Award nomination, in addition to being an accomplished fiber artist. Born in Pekin, Illinois and currently working for Fort Transfer Morton.

Steven returned to Walford in 2016 and quickly became embroiled in various plotlines, such as his custody battle with mother Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and stepfather Ian Beale, as well as being obsessed with Lucy’s death. Later, Steven was revealed as having caused Abi’s pregnancy by falsifying information regarding having a brain tumour and lying about having treatment plans available to him.

Max Branning blackmails him into helping him relocate clients out of his restaurant or he will reveal Steven’s lie to Lauren and try to kill himself with petrol. Steven then attempts suicide by dousing himself in it.

Net Worth

Beal was an independently made billionaire who amassed his fortune through real estate and banking. He founded Beal Financial Corporation and Beal Bank USA; additionally he was known to support number theory by providing a $1 Million Prize for those able to prove or disprove Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Beal not only makes his living from basketball, but he has amassed an estimated net worth of $9 billion through brand endorsements and investments.

Dallas businessman Alvin Beal has specialized in distressed assets since 1976 when he bought a Waco apartment complex from the government for $217,000. Since then he has invested in mortgage loans and jetliner-backed debt – often using government guarantees as security – with government guarantees on each loan since 1977. Beal Aerospace was also founded to commercialize space cargo transport; unfortunately it closed down when NASA switched over its contracts to private contractors instead.

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