Steven C Lilly

Steven C Lilly

Steven Lilly is a mental health counselor working with an alternative school in Lamoille County. Additionally, he enjoys golfing as well as hiking, camping and backcountry skiing.

He amassed an extensive collection of rare books, coins, and stamps that he donated to Indiana University.

He maintains an extensive collection of art and antiques in his private collection.

Early Life and Education

Steven Lilly hails from southern Indiana and completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Kentucky and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee respectively. In 1990 he joined CSUSM faculty as dean of Education.

He worked diligently to forge strong alliances between North County and Southwest Riverside Counties school districts, encouraging their teachers to come to CSUSM to earn credentials. Additionally, he served on the boards of trustees of Episcopal High School, Saint Mary’s School, and Historic Oakwood Cemetery.

Lilly employees can participate in Connecting Hearts Abroad, an initiative that offers international service assignments. Lilly’s team of operators are experts at champagne, satanism, chaos theory and true crime — they all love what they do passionately!

Professional Career

Steven Lilly is a mental health counselor and social worker in Lamoille County with an MA in Transperson Counseling Psychology and Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. Additionally, he runs his own golf instruction business and promotes junior golf throughout the region.

Lilly was one of the most iconic women in sports history, boasting movie-star good looks and radiating luminosity that earned her inclusion on every national team since her teenage debut in 1987, playing 215 matches overall for Team USA.

Lewis has long been involved with the Lilly Fellows Program and previous cohort experiences. These ties make him an ideal candidate to lead the Center for Teaching and Learning’s junior faculty development program, having gained firsthand insight into fellowship life while building up an impressive teaching track record over time.

Achievement and Honors

Lilly was an immensely wealthy individual. As one of his major donors to Indiana and Indianapolis’ historic preservation projects, as well as to creating a philanthropic foundation that still operates today. Additionally, he supported arts, education, civic improvement projects and archaeology over many years.

Music-wise, he produced new wave acts such as XTC, Big Country, Siouxsie & the Banshees and Simple Minds as well as rock bands like Peter Gabriel & Morrissey and Morrissey’s band Morrissey & Gabriel’s rock album Boy became one of their most successful works.

He has produced recordings for NPR’s World Cafe radio show, working alongside artists like Fleet Foxes, She & Him, Mercury Rev, Bell X1 and Dr. Dog.

Personal Life

Steven Lilly has served on numerous boards over his career, such as Triangle Capital Corporation (a business development company sold to Benefit Street Partners and Barings in 2006) and America First Multifamily Investors LP. Additionally, he serves on various private company boards and as trustee for UNC/Rex Healthcare and Historic Oakwood Cemetery both located in North Carolina.

He and his three children love spending their free time together, which includes both traveling and discovering new places. Additionally, he is fascinated by nature and its many mysteries – something which he takes great pleasure in photographing as an avid hobby.

He enjoyed golf and was the top point scorer during his high school basketball career. Joe Lilly leaves two sons – Jay Lilly and Orion Lilly; Bianca Gabriella as well as brother Joe Lilly and sister Leara Beth Carmical as well as mother-in-law Beta Kurz and caregiver Hosam Haroobi who will all miss him greatly as family members.

Net Worth

Steven C Lilly owned at least 50,448 units of FS KKR Capital Corp worth $993 Thousand as of 10 June 2021 based on an SEC Form 4 filing.

He joined FS Investments as managing director in October 2019, bringing with him extensive experience within the business development company industry, having previously served as chief financial officer of Triangle Capital Corporation. There he also oversaw its listing on both New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq exchanges as well as overseeing M&A processes within its structure and led all strategic processes pertaining to corporate M&A deals and strategic plans for growth.

ECR International. He has over 23 years of senior level management experience. In addition, he holds an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from SUNY ECC.

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