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Steven Dickoff served as Paint Branch High School’s second principal from 1984 to 1988, after Dr. Edward Shirley moved on from Sligo Middle School. Dickoff oversaw numerous improvements at the school.

Early Life and Education

Dick was raised in Montana, riding his horse to school through the rugged Eastern Montana weather and terrain. He credits rural America’s early years of his life with shaping both his work ethic and sense of humor into lasting assets.

He has appeared in both film and television roles, such as portraying a gay sex education teacher in Old School (1996 comedy), as a villainous Santa in Employee of the Month (2003), and as various voices for animated series Dilbert and Hoodwinked! (voice over).

Dick resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin but has also been known to reside in Berlin and Gaithersburg Maryland as well as having connections in Brookeville Maryland.

Professional Career

Dickoff has long been recognized as an exceptional film director and producer. Additionally, he is well known as an actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows across various genres including drama, comedy and action movies. Furthermore, he directed episodes for popular series such as Survivors.

Dickoff’s social activism in this telepic — drawn from court transcripts, published accounts and interviews — doesn’t benefit herself or Jeffrey Dean Morgan as her client. Dickoff seeks reconciliation with her estranged daughter while tracking down witnesses who lied at Jacobs’ original trial and generally making life miserable for both sides involved.

Personal Life

Dickoff left Paint Branch High School in 1988 to become the inaugural principal at Watkins Mill High School in Montgomery Village. He held this position for three years before being promoted to community superintendent. Dickoff is married with two children. They reside together in Maryland.

Amblin Partners has begun development on a feature film based on Sonia “Sunny” Jacobs’ story of being wrongly accused and later freed, then starting a center for exonerees. The script for the movie will be co-written by Dickoff and Jason Flom of Wrongful Convictions podcast; Dickoff has also worked on various documentaries.

Net Worth

Dickoff is an accomplished director and producer who has produced several films that address various social issues. Her movie Too Little Too Late about AIDS earned an Emmy nomination and Peabody Award; additionally she worked on Mother, Mother – about AIDS in families starring Polly Bergen, John Dye and Piper Laurie-. Additionally she remains active through Pro Bono Productions while continuing to direct/produce films through this company; moreover she has written two books including Life After Manson: The Untold Story of Patricia Krenwinkel as well as remaining an active member of both Directors Guild of America and Independent Documentary Association memberships.

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