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The X Games Takes a New Direction Under New Ownership

Under its new ownership, X Games is taking an exciting new path. MSP Sports Capital acquired majority stake in October and will prioritize premier athlete and fan experiences while investing in technologies to propel future events forward.

Flisler served as Vice President and Executive Producer of Twitch Rivals, an esports competition series. Additionally, he held leadership roles at NBCUniversal.

Early Life and Education

Last year, ESPN sold majority ownership in the X Games to MSP Sports Capital and hired Flisler as its Vice President of Original Content and Executive Producer of Twitch Rivals since 2018. Prior to that he held several leadership roles at NBCUniversal broadcasting iconic live productions across both linear and streaming platforms.

Flisler told Boardroom he hopes to restore the roots of the X Games while embracing its digital future. His vision includes athletes being both competitors and content creators, expanding their reach across platforms.

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Professional Career

Steven Flisler has recently assumed the reins as CEO of X Games following a significant ownership transition. ESPN sold their majority stake to MSP Sports Capital, who then hired Steven as their new chief executive officer. Flisler brings experience from live production at NBC where he oversaw their National Crew Desk while driving operations and strategy for shows such as Phelps Vs Shark and Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across Grand Canyon.

Flisler plans on expanding the event beyond television broadcast by using livestreaming and YouTube as new platforms, keeping its roots at Aspen’s Buttermilk Ski Area through 2024 (though he is yet to commit). He stated that Tony Hawk would act as brand steward for this revised X Games event.

Achievement and Honors

Last year was an unprecedented one for the X Games. Private equity firm MSP Sports Capital acquired majority control, with former skateboard legend Tony Hawk joining as an investor group brand steward. MSP appointed Steven Flisler to serve as new CEO, drawing upon his background in competition, storytelling and technology for this position.

Flisler is charged with keeping the brand true to its roots while moving it into the future. He plans to do this by prioritizing top athlete and fan experiences as well as emerging technologies.

He’s dedicated himself to ensuring the X Games have the strongest digital presence possible, including working with streaming services like Twitch and YouTube as well as traditional platforms like ESPN.

Personal Life

Steven Flisler is married with two children. As a biochemist and cell biologist at the University at Buffalo (The State University of New York), where he serves as professor of ophthalmology, his research focuses on understanding how lipid metabolism contributes to normal retinal structure and function.

Last year was an eventful one for the X Games, beginning with ESPN selling majority control to MSP Sports Capital and hiring Flisler as CEO of their newly rebranded events. He previously served as Vice President of Original Content for Amazon-owned Twitch gaming streaming platform; additionally he held leadership roles at NBCUniversal.

Tony Hawk, one of the world’s premier skateboarders, was recruited as brand steward of the X Games to help bridge their past to their future. Speaking with Boardroom about what the next phase would entail for this iconic event.

Net Worth

Steven Flisler has an estimated net worth of $4 Million and serves as CEO of X Games, an action sports contest that launched legendary athletes such as Tony Hawk. Last year marked a period of change at this event as ESPN sold its majority stake to MSP Sports Capital and hired Flisler as new CEO; before being recruited from Twitch Rivals as Vice President of Original Content as Executive Producer of Twitch Rivals as Vice President of Original Content in 2013. Steven recently discussed these prospects with Boardroom.

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