Steven Godofsky

Steven Godofsky

Stephen Godofsky is a communications executive. He has worked closely with various people and companies.

Rarely is one able to become an internet meme, yet that was exactly the case for software engineer Peter Godofsky.

Recently he discovered that he was the child in the viral meme Buff Guys Help Out Nerdy Kid.

Early Life and Education

Steven Godofsky was born and educated at New York City’s Syracuse University, earning both his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Master of Business Administration degrees. Since 1968 he has worked in communications, holding positions such as president and general manager at stations like WHLI in Long Island NY, WKJY Radio Miami FL, Empire Media Corporation Pittsburgh PA as vice president and General Manager – in addition to serving on the Board of Directors for Pittsburgh Ballet! Currently living in Charlotte North Carolina with his wife and two children he is listed in Marquis Who’s Who since 1986!

Professional Career

Steven Godofsky is an executive in communications and media company ownership. He currently holds the presidency for WHLI and WKJY radio stations on Long Island in New York as well as being general manager for Empire Media Corporation’s stations in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Cleveland Wheeler will return to Tampa Bay radio as the morning deejay for oldies station U92 (WYUU-FM 92.5), replacing Kelly & Alpha who left earlier this month. Wheeler co-founded Q Morning Zoo on contemporary hit station Q-105 before leaving in the 1980s to work at other stations around Tampa and in other parts of the South.

Godofsky was found guilty of federal drug offenses in 2014 for dispensing large quantities of oxycodone without conducting examinations or receiving informed consent at his Central Kentucky Bariatric and Pain Management practice in Lexington, Kentucky.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Mark Godofsky has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who as an outstanding Communications executive. Additionally, he served on the board of directors at Pittsburgh Ballet, while providing consulting services in corporate communications.

Unbeknownst to those living online, it’s possible for an ordinary person to become an internet meme without ever realizing it until years later – as was recently evidenced by software engineer Peter Godofsky, who went viral after discovering that he is the kid in the viral Buff Guys Help Out Nerdy Kid meme.

Personal Life

Godofsky lives in Oakton, Virginia with his wife Sandra Knowles and has two children and four grandchildren. Since 1986 he has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who as well as serving as vice president, general manager for stations WHLI and WKJY Radio from Long Island New York from 1978 – 1982; currently, he serves as President, General Manager of Empire Media Corporation Pittsburgh.

Godofsky was also a lawyer, co-writing briefs in The Washington Post’s Pentagon Papers case on their behalf. As one of his father Stanley Godofsky’s co-founders of a company which manufactured dental equipment and instruments. Godofsky now lives with his 4,000 sq ft Florida estate boasting wood paneled library with bleached marble floors located near Boca Raton Florida for sale.

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