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Steven Haffner Net Worth

Steven Haffner serves as Secretary and Non-Executive Director for Aeorema Communications Plc. With almost three decades of accounting experience under his belt and membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, Steven is well qualified to hold these roles.

He assists professionals to elevate their performance by teaching them to recognize hidden self-deceptions, mental shortcuts and cognitive biases that prevent trust, effective leadership, handling disruptions successfully, optimal performance and effective decision-making.

Early Life and Education

Steven Haffner is an Internal Medicine specialist located in San Antonio, TX who has over 47 years of experience. He attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University where he graduated.

He specializes in treating vascular disease, lung cancer and thyroid conditions and has received various awards and recognition for his work. Additionally, he belongs to both the American Medical Association and Texas Medical Association as a member.

His dedication to community service and volunteerism is evidenced through membership at Sandusky Yacht Club and Serving Our Seniors of Erie County as well as being an avid fan of both teams: New York Yankees and Boston Celtics – who he avidly follows with two children each in tow – writing, dining at favorite restaurants and watching WWE is something else altogether!

Professional Career

Haffner offers his expertise to both businesses and professionals across a range of legal matters, from general corporate issues to real estate contracts, golf course development/acquisition agreements, franchise tax matters and employment/licensing issues.

He helps individuals improve their decision making by showing them how to dispel illusions within themselves and use his experience studying magic illusion to teach his audiences how to identify and overcome mental shortcuts or cognitive biases that impede achieving desired outcomes.

He holds Series 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses as well as State of Ohio life insurance and annuity licenses, and holds a bachelor of business administration from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

Achievement and Honors

Haffner has practiced law both in Michigan and New York and holds membership to their respective bars. Additionally, he is certified mediator.

He was an integral member of Eastern Illinois basketball in 1988, leading them to an Eastern Collegiate Conference championship and winning only once at NCAA tournament level. Three times Midwestern Collegiate Conference Player of the Year and twice All-American;

Haffner is an engaging keynote and breakout speaker who assists professionals to elevate their decision performance by dispelling illusions that cloud their thinking, perceptions, and decisions. His unique presentations combine useful content with humor, personal stories, and magical effects to deliver powerful messages about self-deceptions, mental shortcuts and cognitive biases that skew our judgment reducing effectiveness as professionals.

Personal Life

Steve Haffner is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker renowned for providing powerful insights into how self-deceptions cloud people’s ability to see reality. Through his unique approach – featuring stories from personal experience as well as research from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics – Steve assists audiences in improving decision making, trust building and productivity. His keynote speeches feature his own personal narrative as well as research from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics – providing audiences with invaluable assistance for improving decision making, trust building and productivity.

He was one of Jane’s Red John suspects and made appearances in Season 4 episodes “Little Red Book and Fire and Brimstone”. Additionally, he visited Lisbon in the hospital during Black-Winged Redbird to offer her employment at his new private investigation agency. Unfortunately, he suffered from an abnormal fear of spiders which led to his eventual demise through an explosion at home; leaving behind his wife Lori, two children, and five grandchildren as his legacy.

Net Worth

Steve Hafner has made tremendous gains to his net worth over time due to his hard work and perseverance, earning a number of awards for his efforts – becoming a worldwide figure as a result.

Steve specializes in helping professionals identify and overcome hidden mental traps, cognitive biases and other cognitive shortcuts which hinder trust-building, effective leadership, optimal performance and handling disruption successfully. His unique presentation style blends valuable content with humor, personal stories and magical effects for programs which are fresh, engaging and uniquely Steve.

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Texas and Master of Business Administration from Texas State University. Additionally, he is an Investment Advisor with Texas Capital Bank Private Wealth Advisors in San Antonio; previously serving as Director of Investment Management for Communities Foundation of Texas.

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