Steven Harden

The Career of Steven Harden

Discover Steven Harden’s career, including his work in real estate development. Gain insight into how he manages to combine his love for basketball with a successful business venture.

As well as volunteering his services for various community organizations, he also served as assistant coach of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and helped lead them to multiple championships.

Early Life and Education

Harden has enjoyed an extraordinary rise to the top of one of the world’s most competitive industries without taking anything for granted. He credits his success to hard work, skill, and trusting in himself and his instincts – not luck alone.

Harden was raised on his family’s 30-acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in Acampo, California. Grapes harvested there went to Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville where Harden worked as harvest intern and later assistant enologist.

He is also a board-certified veterinarian who has been practicing for 28 years. Marathon training, passion for running and Franklynn and Charlie (his two golden retrievers) help keep him grounded. Recently he started Team Harden – an AAU basketball league featuring teams in Houston and Glendale Arizona sponsored by Adidas – that keeps him grounded.

Professional Career

Harden has amassed an extensive sales career that spans over two decades at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, holding positions of increasing responsibility at both Supra and Kr3w brands. He currently holds the position of President.

Harden recognized that his championship window had closed with the Rockets and requested a trade to the Brooklyn Nets in January 2021. Soon thereafter he established himself as an impactful force, leading them to an unexpected title run.

Steve provides captivating accounts of events not reported by the headlines that highlight mission-critical lessons every leader should heed – high reliability requires expert teamwork and standard processes. He has assisted healthcare organizations improve their teams and quality by applying lessons from aviation. His work has been featured across numerous news sources.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Harden is a Certified TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer who has trained more than 20,000 physicians, nurses and staff members over the last decade. Additionally, he is also a professional pilot with 34 years of aviation experience who holds an Airline Transport Pilot license.

He has featured in several successful films and TV series, such as Crush (1992) and Miller’s Crossing (1996). She gained widespread critical acclaim for her portrayal of Lee Krasner – wife of Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock – in Pollock (2000) film biopic.

Harden is also actively engaged with charity work, donating his time and support for various organizations. An avid sports fan who enjoys weightlifting and muscle cars, Harden currently resides with his wife and children in Wilmington.

Personal Life

He has published over a dozen books, earned membership to both American Legion and Western Writers of America, and won both an inductee award from Texas Institute of Letters as well as their Summerfield G Roberts Award in 2019. Lust for Glory: An Epic Story of Early Texas and Sacrifice That Defined a Nation won that honor from Sons of the Republic of Texas as best historical book in 2019.

Tom works with the Tamworth Agricultural Institute and is involved in pasture research, meat science, soil science, entomology, chickpea quality analysis and breeding programs. He has conducted studies at Narrabri, Armidale and Glen Innes Agricultural Science Centres as well.

Harden is an avid sports fan and shows an affinity for women. He doesn’t hesitate to slip into their direct messages if they appear as single or in a relationship status.

Net Worth

James Harden has amassed an incredible net worth as a professional basketball player, estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be approximately $165 Million.

He holds several endorsement and sponsorship deals which add to his income, such as Adidas’ 13-year contract worth $200 million with annual payout of $15 Million per year; Beats Stance Socks and Body Armour deals; etc.

He has established two foundations – 3 The Harden Way and Impact 13 – dedicated to helping young people facing socio-economic disadvantage. Furthermore, he has received various awards and honors during his career.

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