Steven Hewett

Profile of Steven Hewett

Steven Hewett is an experienced financial manager who specializes in health care finance. With more than three decades of diversified financial management experience and currently holding the title of senior vice president at The Sanders Trust.

Hewett’s style combines controlled pencil drawings with gestural portraiture and sprawling landscapes. His paintings feature rich impasto areas that contrast the smooth geometric expanses.

Early Life and Education

Hewitt had over three decades of diverse financial management experience. Since joining The Sanders Trust in 2010, he has overseen acquisition activity as well as provided debt/equity financing arrangements as necessary for its portfolio expansion.

Hewett made his name as a director with big box-office hits like Wagon Train (1957) and Battle Squad (1961). Later he directed Schindler’s List (1993), an Oscar-nominated Holocaust drama that won Best Picture at the Oscars.

Hewett’s patients rave about him, praising the fact that their appointment wasn’t rushed and that they trusted his decisions. Fluent in English, German and Portuguese. Additionally he operates a small business making karate equipment for children while competing in WUKF Senior Veteran Division for those aged 61+.

Professional Career

Hewitt held fourteen years of commercial banking experience, most notably healthcare banking. He founded Birmingham’s AmSouth Bank’s Healthcare Banking Services Department which later merged into Regions Financial Corporation. He has extensive knowledge financing acute care hospitals, medical professional buildings, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers as well as other properties located on hospital campuses.

Hewett is co-owner and vice president of The Sanders Trust in Kitsap County, Washington. Additionally, he works as an independent contractor for a timber and land management firm there.

Hewett is an avid competitive shooter who competes in the senior veteran division. He served as a volunteer judge at National Championships and plans on participating in future World Class events.

Achievement and Honors

Hewett is an accomplished karate instructor whose students compete at both national and junior levels of competition, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, Hewett judges contestants at both levels. Furthermore, Hewett encourages his students to use their karate training throughout all aspects of life.

Hewett and Gordon Reid won their tenth major, as well as three Australian Open and French Open doubles titles, to become one of the most successful men’s wheelchair tennis pairs ever. Additionally, Hewett received the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Atheist in Foxhole Award which recognizes those working courageously to combat religious oppression.

Hewett has refined his unique style over the years, progressing from controlled pencil drawings to gestural portraiture and now expansive landscapes. His works can be found in museums, private collections and public spaces all over the world; He lives at 1382 Verde Drv Bullhead City AZ 86442-6671.

Personal Life

Hewett was married twice, leaving behind one stepson and two grandchildren as well as many loyal friends, co-workers, and family members.

Hewitt is widely acclaimed as an innovator of television news innovations, such as outfitting politicians at political conventions with headsets to allow remote interviews, and using slide letters to display reporter names.

Hewett has long been an advocate of FFRF and spoke at their national conference in 2015. He and his wife live in Winter Haven with two sons and one daughter. Additionally, Hewett owns part of Ahead Development LLC which specializes in healthcare development projects while serving on Quorum Health Group, Inc. boards.

Net Worth

Hewitt serves as CEO of Gymshark Fitness Clubs, known for his natural leadership, competitive spirit, and ability to create purpose and people-focused cultures. Furthermore, his extensive financial modeling knowledge allows the business to scale on an international scale.

Hewett served in the military from 1995 to 2005 and rose to the rank of staff sergeant, receiving both the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge awards. Currently residing in King, North Carolina.

Hewitt has been active with the FFRF, filing multiple lawsuits – such as against King, North Carolina for flying a Christian flag at their veterans memorial – as an atheist. Additionally, his personal life remains private with no significant relationships outside his daughter Grace being close.

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