Steven Humanick

Real Estate Agent Profile – Steven Humanick

Steven Humanick has over 16 years of experience as a real estate agent. Currently residing in Stone Harbor, New Jersey and working for Long & Foster Real Estate; public records suggest he may even be married.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Humanick was born February 1968 and currently resides in Stone Harbor, NJ. According to ZoomInfo, he has been working as a Realtor Associate for 16 years for three different companies – Long & Foster Real Estate being his current affiliation. Additionally, his relationship status is married for five years with one child on their way. Prior to working as a Realtor Associate he lived and studied in North Carolina.

Professional Career

Steven Humanick has been practicing real estate for more than 16 years and works as a Realtor Associate with Long & Foster Real Estate of Virginia, United States. His duties as an agent include taking ownership listings, displaying properties for marketing purposes and closing transactions. According to public records, Humanick currently resides in Stone Harbor, NJ with his wife and children while his parents live nearby in North Carolina. Since beginning his professional career in 1986 he has changed jobs three times.

Personal Life

Steven Humanick is an active individual who enjoys climbing mountains. Additionally, he enjoys tennis, swimming, biking, running and reading books – activities he partakes in regularly at his Stone Harbor residence with his wife and two children.

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ZoomInfo records indicate that Mr. Clemente has been employed at Long & Foster Real Estate as a Realtor Associate since 1986.

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