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Green Beret Steven Langmack Died in Iraq

Burien Kennedy High School graduate Steven Langmack approached his mother with the intention of joining the Army and was persuaded by her that it would be good for him. Steven joined in 1990, completed Ranger training, and earned Green Beret status.

The Pentagon reports his death as having occurred in Al Qaim, in western Iraq, where he had been assigned as part of Fort Bragg, North Carolina’s Special Operations command. He was 33 and was assigned as part of this unit.

Early Life and Education

Steven Langmack often displayed tough behavior while growing up in southeast Seattle, according to his brother David Langmack. But once he joined the Army Rangers and later the Green Berets, this changed – no need for acting; Steven took great pride in his job, according to David Langmack.

Langmack graduated in 1990 from Burien’s Kennedy High School and soon after joined the military, serving during both Gulf Wars, Haitian operations and Afghanistan war efforts as a senior communications sergeant with Special Forces at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Sam, 16, and Carson, 7; his parents reside in Seattle; Rachaelle was widowed last August by their deaths. Rachaelle issued a statement declining media interviews but lamenting their loss.

Professional Career

The Defense Department confirmed on Wednesday that 33-year-old Green Beret Steven Langmack has been killed in Iraq. The Pentagon confirmed his death from small arms fire. Langmack was assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina – his home base – and was serving in Qaim, western Iraq.

Langmack hails from Seattle and graduated from Kennedy High School in Burien two years later before enlisting with the military two years later. In February 2002 he went through Ranger training and qualified as a Green Beret; by August he had joined 2nd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group Airborne as communications sergeant serving IRAQI FREEDOM operations, Desert Storm operations in Southwest Asia, UPHOLD DEMOCRACY operations in Haiti and ENDURING FREEDOM operations in Afghanistan as communications sergeant Communications Sergeant Sergeant Langmack has seen service in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM while Operations Desert Storm/UFHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti/ENDURING FREEDOM operations he served under 2nd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group/Airborne airborne formations/Airborne Special Forces Group/Airborne Division/Airborne division/airborne special operations forces Group/Airborne division/Airborne under 2nd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group/Airborne 7th Special Forces Group/Airborne where he qualified as Green Beret qualified by August 2001/He served DESERT STORM operations DESERT STORM UPHOLD DEMOCRACY Haiti/ENDURING FREEDOM/ Afghanistan operations where ENDURING FREEDOM deployed as communications Sergeant Sergeant

Langmack lived near Fort Bragg with his wife Rachaelle and two sons – Sam (16) and Carson (7). His family described him as an experienced professional soldier who enjoyed doing his work proudly.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Langmack of Burien Kennedy High School decided to join the Army after discussing it with his mother. She thought joining would provide him with an excellent physical outlet. In 1990 he enlisted and served in both Gulf Wars before qualifying as a Green Beret in August 2001 and being assigned to Fort Bragg North Carolina Special Operations Command.

On May 31 in Al Qaim, Iraq from injuries suffered due to small-arms fire during combat operations. He served with Operations Desert Storm in Southwest Asia; UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti; and ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan. Rachaelle, Sam and Carson who reside near Raleigh Military base; his parents Louise and Paul who still reside in Seattle continue living.

Personal Life

Steven Langmack of Kennedy High School told his mother of his intention to join the Army, she immediately agreed, believing it would provide structure and opportunity. On Memorial Day she sent an e-mail thanking him for serving our nation.

He was serving in Fort Bragg, North Carolina-based Army Special Operations Command when he was killed by enemy small arms fire near Al Qaim in western Iraq.

He is survived by his mother Louise Langmack of Seattle, wife Rachaelle, two sons ages 16 and 7 who all reside at a farm near Raeford and his brothers David Langmack from Federal Way and Kevin Langmack from Seattle.

Net Worth

Langmack had recently graduated from the Green Berets’ advanced training course and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His family reported he lived near Fort Bragg with Rachaelle, Sam, Carson and their other son, Ethan. Family members described him as being outgoing and proud to work for their Army; in addition he was an expert paratrooper belonging to a precision skydiving team.

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