Steven Mobile

Steven Mobile is a Recruitment Specialist for Robert Half

Steven blends cutting-edge technologies with common sense and an empathic human touch to assist customers in winning over their business time after time. Additionally, he believes in playing the long game while taking responsibility for society at large.

Steven’s phone resembles any modern smartphone in that it allows him to call and text, as well as access music playback apps and the internet.

Early Life and Education

Steven Mobile was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania before attending public schools and later studying at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. His research interests focused on using reflective practices and close examination of student work to document learning.

He served as director of both a community-based early childhood center and alternative high school, holding both master’s degrees in education as well as a doctorate in urban education leadership.

Since 2009, he has served on Pasadena City Council, with priorities focused on neighborhood protection and maintaining its high quality of life. Additionally, he has championed economic justice measures including raising minimum wages and tenant protection laws; supporting environmental initiatives of “Green City”, including tenant protection laws; as well as serving on the board for Pasadena Police Activities League.

Professional Career

Steve began his career at Robert Half’s Technology division, hiring for roles in finance and accounting, operations, science & engineering, executive leadership & IT. Since then, his recruitment skills have expanded into other verticals outside of technology such as legal & compliance.

He advises clients on the complex privacy and cybersecurity issues inherent to any technology transaction and assists with devising compliance strategies to support state data protection laws. He is an active contributor to Innovative Technology Insights blog at his firm as well as frequently speaking on this topic at industry events.

One of Steve’s key lessons from his years selling wholesale mobile devices was negotiating shipping rates aggressively with UPS and FedEx both domestically and internationally – saving thousands each time by bargaining hard with both carriers.

Achievement and Honors

Steven gains control of his mother’s shield and begins to master an array of Gem abilities, such as summoning protective shields; creating spherical force fields; healing Gems, humans and animals using saliva; producing sentient plant life; shapeshifting; floating through the air; using telepathy for empathy astral projection purposes; merging bodies/minds together for powerful “fusions”, among many more abilities.

Fans looking forward to the upcoming Steven Universe arc and movie can tame their excitement in an exciting mobile game called “Steven Universe: Tap Together,” available starting August 2, on iOS and Android devices.

Personal Life

Steve is passionate about historic architecture and restoration. He currently sits on both boards for Old Dauphin Way Historic District and Oakleigh Venture Revolving Fund as well as being employed as a real estate agent at Sam Winter & Co.

At Covenant Presbyterian Church, he has served on various committees. He particularly enjoys hiking Pikes Peak and snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains; gardening, cooking, reading and exercise are also passions of his.

Steven wears a red T-shirt emblazoned with a yellow star, blue jeans and salmon-pink flip-flops, along with his special gem that grants him powerful abilities such as summoning his mother’s shield; creating a spherical force field; healing Gems and humans with saliva healing and joining bodies together into stronger entities.

Net Worth

Net worth can be calculated by subtracting an individual’s liabilities from their assets. Liabilities refer to any debts and obligations they owe; assets include checking and savings accounts, investments vehicles or real estate that hold financial value.

He is responsible for creating, building, and owning multiple restaurants including T-Rex Cafe, Yak & Yeti Restaurant, Hot Dog Hall of Fame, Betty & Joe’s Drive In and Backfire Barbecue. Additionally he owns a lake home as well as two cars.

Qualcomm Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Jacobs earns $23,065,100 as CEO. During his time leading Qualcomm through three crises – an attempted hostile takeover attempt from Broadcom Inc, antitrust scrutiny from U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and lengthy legal dispute with Apple – and more importantly an announcement of an octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC on 17 November 2016, as well as owning most of Qualcomm shares.

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