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How a Former Student Raises Money For His 77-Year-Old Substitute Teacher

Internet content can bring joy to anyone – like this story about a former student raising funds for his 77-year-old substitute teacher.

When Nava discovered that his teacher, Mr. V, had to live out the pandemic by sleeping in their car during its peak, he set about trying to help. Using social media as his platform for fundraising purposes, he launched an international fundraising drive that generated responses from around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Steven Nava was raised in Fontana, California. He graduated high school there with a major in exercise science before enrolling at San Diego State University to continue his studies.

Nava was active on both baseball and golf teams during his college days, showing his passion for both of these sports by becoming involved. Golf was particularly dear to his heart; thus his goal of making it accessible for everyone.

PACT Pharma hired Nava in 2022 as their Vice President of CMC Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. He brings over three decades of experience to PACT Pharma’s CMC regulatory affairs division. When not at work, Nava enjoys playing golf or spending time with family. His loving mother has always been his greatest support in all his endeavours.

Professional Career

Nava is an accomplished British director who has made waves in commercial filmmaking across America. He has directed advertising campaigns for high-end perfumes and cosmetics including L’Oreal and Max Factor; music videos for hip-hop, pop and R&B superstars such as Beyonce; as well as single ladies (Put a Ring on It), which is widely considered one of the finest films ever made in 2009.

He is well known for his stunning photographs of nature and space. His pictures have been featured in many prestigious publications. Steven Spielberg even approached him to get some shots for ET’s journey across the moon; using a special 1,000 millimeter lens Nava had acquired.

Achievement and Honors

NAVA’s founder and first President is recognized with this award that recognizes members whose contributions to North American vexillology have been particularly remarkable. To honor them further, this post-nominal may be added after their name.

B reported having a pain-inducing condition on her right leg that prevented her from participating in synchronized swimming classes. Nava offered to provide massage therapy sessions in B’s home; the girl granted permission for him to do so.

At this year’s NALIP Latino Media Awards, Nava was one of the honorees. His speech focused on stories that uphold future generations of Latino creators while also touching upon current border conditions; it earned a standing ovation from attendees. NALIP also celebrated other artists and organizations working within its industry at its ceremony.

Personal Life

Nava credits his mother as being one of the toughest women he knows and a constant source of motivation throughout his life. Without her support and advice, none of his accomplishments would have been possible.

He has directed over 100 music videos for global musicians such as Jessie J, LunchMoney Lewis, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello PrettyMuch and Nick Jonas.

As soon as Nava heard about Villarruel’s situation, he felt moved to take action. First giving the teacher $300 and helping find him a hotel room; then creating a GoFundMe campaign, which within hours had raised over $5,000; by day two it had hit $27,000! By then Nava had organized surprise surprise visits from former students in order to present Villarruel with the check he’d raised from his former students.

Net Worth

Nava’s 90 Day Fiance co-stars make quite the fortune through the show. Elizabeth Potthast has amassed an enormous fan base and makes money through ads on her Instagram accounts for Boom Bod and Curology products. Additionally, she and Andrei run their own real estate company called Castravet Properties.

Kristopher Nava Castro is known for his unique musical stylings. He plays guitar at local street shows and publishes many of his original compositions online; additionally he has experimented with corrido music as well.

His YouTube channel SteveWillDoIt enjoys a large following and features videos about various challenges he is undertaking. A member of NELK boys entertainment company, his estimated net worth as of 2022 stands at approximately $1.8 Million.

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