Steven Newell

Steven Newell, Elizabeth’s Neighbor, Was Sexually Assaulting Her on May 23, 2001

Elizabeth Byrd left home for school on May 23, 2001 accompanied by Steven Newell, her neighbor.

Salt River Project worker later saw Newell working on indoor/outdoor carpeting in a ditch at Salt River Project and reported it to police. Following interrogation by investigators, Newell admitted he killed Elizabeth Byrd by leading her into his field, sexually molesting her before throwing her in a water-filled ditch.

Early Life and Education

Steven Newell is part of Naples High School Career Transition and Experience program. This initiative places students with disabilities into 23 jobs that range from bagging groceries to cleaning workout equipment, and Steven – who has Down syndrome – feels ready for his interviews thanks to help from this program.

On May 23, 2001, Elizabeth Byrd was walking to school when her family friend Steven Newell abducted and strangled her before wrapping her in carpet and throwing it into an irrigation ditch nearby. A Salt River Project employee saw Newell standing near the ditch and reported him. At questioning by detectives, however, Newell denied ever having seen Byrd that day.

Professional Career

Honeywell’s billion-dollar Fluorine Products business unit was held accountable by him, specifically with regard to inventory planning elements including SIOP processes in seven different countries around the globe, inventory forecasting processes, deployment of new technology solutions and utilization of IBP for performance enhancement.

He holds a 9-2-0 MMA record, including 2 knockout/TKO wins and three submission victories in the welterweight division.

Steven has extensive experience in investment evaluation, due diligence and financial modeling. Prior to joining Getzler Henrich, Steven worked as a senior associate at ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity where his main focuses were deal evaluation and portfolio company support; additionally he held positions at Simmons & Company International and Simmons Capital International.

Achievement and Honors

At ORCHSE Strategies, he serves as Partner. He leads ORCHSE’s highest-level groups: Executive Business Issues Forum, Occupational Safety and Health Legal Issues Network and Corporate Environmental Forum; as well as contributing to ORCHSE’s global HSE and Management System Implementation Networks. In his extensive career of developing, implementing, leveraging management systems for improving business performance, cost reduction, operational efficiencies.

Newell was part of UMass’ 1973 team that defeated Vanderbilt and Southern California to advance to the NCAA tournament, earning All-American status from Collegiate Baseball Magazine and being recognized in Western Massachusetts Baseball Hall of Fame.

He is also an accomplished glass artist whose pieces have been featured in international exhibitions and museum collections worldwide.

Personal Life

On May 23, 2001 when Elizabeth Byrd left her mother’s trailer in order to walk to school, Steven Newell approached and convinced her to take an unusual route through a field dotted with irrigation ditches. Once there they became isolated and out of sight from passers-by and Newell was able to sexually assault Elizabeth; her body was later discovered rolled up inside an indoor/outdoor carpet roll inside an irrigation ditch.

Newell stated during his interrogation on June 4 that he was contemplating hiring an attorney, which caused Detective Seagraves to misconstrue what Newell meant and ask if this request for legal representation had come directly from Newell himself. Newell replied in the affirmative.

Counsel did not request the opportunity to cross-examine State experts regarding their psychiatric opinions, which could have been potentially damaging for Newell’s defense. Nonetheless, the Court did not find his defense ineffective.

Net Worth

Steve Newell serves as Executive Vice President of Business Development for FLYHT Aerospace Solutions (formerly TrueNorth). In this capacity he oversees sales, marketing and business development activities of the company.

Gabe Newell cofounded Valve Corp. in 1998 to develop video games. Since then, their popular Half-Life and Portal titles have made Valve an industry giant; additionally they operate the Steam digital store which many compare to iTunes for video games. Newell owns one quarter of Valve Corp. which has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

He currently resides in an extravagant condo in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood and residents have complained of wild parties he hosts at this residence. A lawsuit was also filed by neighbors against Newell in June 2010. Newell is estimated to be worth approximately $500 Million.

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