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RespectAbility Fellows Meets Steven Rabinowitz

Steven Rabinowitz has written numerous op-eds for national media outlets. Additionally, he drafted and edited a book on the 1994 Middle East peace process for Israel Policy Forum as well as numerous books related to travel to Israel and Jewish heritage.

He spearheaded the 2002 rally on the White House lawn for Israel that attracted tens of thousands. Additionally, he coordinated Yad Vashem’s new Holocaust Memorial Museum and campus opening – attended by leaders from 40 different countries – in 2005.

Early Life and Education

After conquering his childhood stutter, Rabinowitz went on to pursue wildlife conservation by tracking jaguars and convincing Belize’s government to create the world’s first wild jaguar preserve – something TIME magazine would later refer to him as. This led them to coining him “Indiana Jones of wildlife protection.”

He has assisted several nonprofits and synagogues through crisis, such as Hadassah during the Bernard Madoff investment scandal.

He has represented both the Uniformed Fire Officers Association and doctors working in New York City’s public health system, Adas Israel Congregation in Washington D.C. as an active participant and its assistant treasurer; in Israel he was involved with pluralism battles such as those surrounding Egalitarian or Pluralism sections of Western Wall, conversions, religious councils and debates over Law of Return issues.

Professional Career

RespectAbility Fellows enjoyed listening to Rabinowitz share incredible tales from his lengthy political communications career – everything from campaign trail war stories and comical stories from Air Force One. Rabinowitz left them amazed while providing invaluable insights.

Rabinowitz has handled many crisis communications campaigns on behalf of campaigns, officeholders and nonprofits – such as Hadassah’s public response during the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme investment scandal in 1998 – involving campaigns, officeholders and nonprofits such as Hadassah. He assisted this women’s Zionist organization with handling its public response during this ordeal.

He co-founded Bluelight Strategies with Aaron Keyak, who served as Jewish engagement director on Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and transition. Bluelight Strategies serves most streams of modern Judaism – Reform, Conservative and Orthodox alike.

Achievement and Honors

Rabinowitz has earned recognition for his accomplishments including leading the communications operations of a Senate office, providing advice on communications issues to re-election campaigns and other groups, lecturing and training organizations such as the Democratic National Committee, EMILY’s List, corporate America as well as lecturing about media and political communications at both George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University graduate schools of government and communication respectively.

Rabinowitz played an essential role in creating Jews for Progress to secure Jewish votes for Presidents Obama and Joe Biden’s presidential campaigns, and later Joe Biden. His firm has also worked for organizations combatting antisemitism such as Israel on Campus Coalition and Jewish Advocates for Change; furthermore, they helped publicize the awarding of the first Lantos Human Rights Prize to Dalai Lama.

Personal Life

Steven Rabinowitz is an attorney in New York, New York who has over 30 years of experience practicing law across Family Law, Criminal Defense and other matters.

His primary work lies within politics, where he assists clients with their public affairs needs. He is frequently quoted in U.S., Israeli and Jewish news media outlets as well as having opinion pieces published across many channels.

Bluelight Strategies was formed late 2014 as an outgrowth of Rabinowitz Communications and Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications; both entities have since disbanded. He served on nine U.S. presidential campaign staffs as a national staffer before serving various other political offices ranging from governor to county sheriff.

Net Worth

Stephen Rabinowitz has earned a national reputation as an expert in commercial real estate transactions for both institutional and entrepreneurial clients, representing them throughout all stages. He has played a central role in some of the most significant office and residential transactions over two decades.

He possesses extensive experience in venture formation and engineering complex capital structures. Additionally, he has advised private equity funds and other investors on matters pertaining to acquisition, financing, development, sale and leasing of commercial real estate properties.

He served on the national staffs of nine presidential campaigns, including both Bill Clinton’s campaigns and Al Gore’s. Additionally, he managed the 1984 release of Universal Pictures’ controversial movie The Last Temptation of Christ nationwide with coordinated protests and media coverage, as well as overseeing director Spike Lee’s 1989 movie Do the Right Thing premiere in Washington D.C.

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