Steven Serrano

Steven Serrano

Steven Serrano is a Family Practitioner located in Pecos, TX who offers comprehensive healthcare to his community of all ages.

His practice encompasses an extensive array of counseling and clinical trauma treatment. He specializes in Anger Management, Anxiety Counseling, Family / Marital Counseling, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression treatment and is certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

Early Life and Education

Serrano initially sought a career as a criminal profiler at SHSU; however, after his sophomore year he decided to switch over to journalism instead and has since been writing ever since.

He has contributed to several publications, such as The Ringer and Houston Press. Additionally, he is well known for using an innovative future-focused settlement approach during mediation – leading to numerous successful settlements of family law cases he has mediated.

Dr. Steven Serrano is affiliated with Reeves County Hospital District and accepts multiple insurance plans. A graduate from Des Moines University, he practices at Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic under his Texas license as a board-certified Family Medicine doctor with more than 20 years of experience.

Professional Career

Steven Serrano is a Texas-licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with extensive business experience, including being able to interact with culturally diverse clients and develop lasting business relationships.

As part of his counseling practice, he works as a mediator with Arizona Mediation Institute. His focus on future-focused approaches has resulted in numerous successful family law settlements.

Serrano has long been an admirer of Michelle Rodriguez since her debut in 2000’s Girlfight. He particularly enjoys Mortal Kombat video games and owns one as an arcade game in his office; additionally he proudly displays a signed photo of Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank from Bloodsport on his wall.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Serrano has earned numerous recognitions and awards for his legal expertise. He is a member of both Saint Thomas More Society and Maricopa County Bar Association, while also receiving recognition by Martindale-Hubbell as an outstanding attorney. Steven currently practices with Burch & Cracchiolo P.A. where he specializes in Domestic Relations Law, Civil Litigation Disputes, and Criminal Defense cases.

He provided artwork for heavy metal band Metallica’s albums Load and Reload, including their covers. Blood and Semen III and Piss Christ were initially considered transgressive art works when first displayed.

As a bilingual (English and Spanish) psychotherapist at Eddins Counseling Group in Houston, Texas he possesses experience working with culturally diverse client bases to find solutions to their problems.

Personal Life

Steve Serrano was a loving husband and father. His passions included dancing and art; he served in both Vietnam and Gulf wars for his nation; he is survived by Alma his wife; their two children Denia Love and Steven Serrano are his legacy.

His education included Arizona State University where he obtained both his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Juris Doctorate. As part of a partnership at Law Offices of Steven M. Serrano PLLC located in Phoenix Arizona he practices family law.

He holds both professional counseling licenses in Texas and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional certification, in addition to extensive business experience and bilingual fluency in English & Spanish, making him uniquely qualified to counsel his clients.

Net Worth

Shea Serrano, an American journalist and author, writes for sports and pop culture websites such as The Ringer and Grantland, while publishing several best-selling books of his own. It has been estimated that Shea’s net worth stands at $7 Million.

Political activist and humanitarian, he has done a variety of charitable work. Historically he has participated in high-profile campaigns and causes.

He is a member of the Democratic Party and represents New York’s 15th congressional district since 1990, having also previously been elected to New York State Assembly membership.

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