Steven Thurman

Steven Thurman – A Memorable Man Who Will Be Missed by All Who Loved Him

Steven Allen Thurman was greatly beloved by his wife Nicole, family, friends and their fur babies. He relished riding his motorcycle and attending pool events. All who knew him will miss him dearly.

In 1991, Mr. Thurman planted a pipe bomb in the car of his ex-wife’s new partner; when it exploded it killed the eleven year-old son. He eventually pleaded guilty to depraved indifference murder but avoided facing capital punishment.

Early Life and Education

Steven Thurman was born July 29th 1970 in Austell Georgia to Linda Curtis and Steve Thurman (deceased). He practiced Baptist faith, was an Army veteran, and worked at Patterson Pump for 28 years.

In 1991, Thurman used a bomb placed in the car of Howard Cook’s 11-year-old son to kill him and exact his revenge after learning about Cook’s affair with his former spouse.

In 1993, he avoided death penalty by agreeing to a plea bargain agreement and sentenced to life in prison. Although he appeared for parole hearings several times without success (his last hearing being February 2019), an appeal against this result was ultimately rejected by Utah Supreme Court.

Professional Career

Thurman was an enthusiastic professional, always striving to meet or surpass his clients’ expectations. As an integral member of New Standard Creative Agency, he was responsible for numerous tasks. Above all else he showed great love for his family through kayaking, motorcycle rides, weekend pool time fun and culinary masterpieces created for Nicole by him.

Thurman has long been considered one of the sport’s foremost educators. His tenacity in the ring and hard-punching style have earned him widespread fan love; he has defeated some of the welterweight division’s toughest champions including Manny Pacquiao in an “Fight of the Year” candidate fight in 2019.

Thurman continues her generous giving by organizing livestream concerts from her New York City apartment with drummer Mark Green, serving as faculty at virtual jazz camps and workshops, and leading a mentorship series for female artists.

Achievement and Honors

Thurman is known for her poignant depictions in contemporary opera, having played Liz in Conrad Cummings’ The Golden Gate and Blanche Ingram in Louis Karchin’s Jane Eyre at the Center for Contemporary Opera. Additionally, she created roles of Mrs. Naidoo in Glass’s Satyagraha and Amy in Victoria Bond’s Little Women (Aspen Opera Theater Center).

Thurman has been honored with the Clearwater for Youth Champion of Character award, following in the footsteps of past recipients including Steve Spurrier, Larry Bird, Tommy LaSorda and Roy Halladay (deceased). Additionally he serves on the board of AHRC NYC Foundation that aids children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Additionally his hobbies include fishing, BMXing, skateboarding and camping – while some of his favorite music bands include Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Metallica etc.

Personal Life

Steve was an enthusiastic outdoorsman and deeply loved his family, often boating, camping and basking in the sunshine with them. Additionally, he enjoyed working on carpentry projects and was an active member of The Rock Church in Centralia. Always prioritizing family before anything else, Steve will be greatly missed by his loved ones.

He leaves behind his wife Nicole, daughters Raeann and Carissa, his mother-in-law Sharon Keck; sister-in-law Phyllis Branch with husband Doug; brother-in-law Dean Keck; his father-in-law William Thurman and wife Barbara as well as several nieces and nephews.

In 1991, Thurman planted a bomb in his ex-wife’s boyfriend’s car which exploded and caused the death of their eleven-year-old son. He plead guilty to depraved indifference murder and received a five-years-to-life sentence from prosecutors; however he later claimed they breached their plea agreement.

Net Worth

Thurman is known not only for her acting work, but she is also an accomplished vocalist. She has graced opera stages as Maria from The Sound of Music, Rosabella in The Merry Widow and Hanna Glawari from The Mikado; additionally, Thurman received critical acclaim as Bianca from Cole Porter’s Kiss Me Kate production.

She has also appeared in various television series, most notably Stranger Things – where she currently makes over $100,000 per episode for her role on the hit series.

She has invested in multiple tech companies, such as Tesla and Sensei Biotherapeutics – which develops personalized cancer immunotherapies – raising over $30 million in venture capital funding.

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