Steven Torrisi

Meet Steven Torrisi, a CSGF Fellow at Harvard University

Steven Torrisi is a graduate student who specializes in materials physics. He has conducted work ranging from plasma to optics, using machine learning to analyze X-ray absorption spectroscopy data and has collaborated with DOE CSGF Fellow Matthew Carbone to develop software specifically tailored for materials physics research.

She has performed as a background vocalist, violinist and keyboardist on tours with Sufjan Stevens, Ariel Pink, Devonte Hynes, Fred Thomas and Xiu Xiu; Cryptacize band is another example.

Early Life and Education

Steven Torrisi is currently in his fifth-year of Physics Ph.D studies at Harvard University and hails from upstate New York. At the University of Rochester he majored in both Physics and Math while majoring on Tenor Saxophone as a major instrument. Steven has an immense passion for current events, jazz-funk music, as well as teaching. Currently serving as an undergraduate tutor in one of Harvard’s undergraduate houses assisting with writing assignments and career choices; also working closely with Women+ of Color Project graduate student workshop participants.

He’s passionate about developing machine-learning tools for materials physics, and participated in a Berkeley Lab practicum during summer 2019. This experience inspired his desire to pursue public-private research partnerships, so since then he’s been working with Toyota Research Institute on an innovative tool to analyze X-ray absorption spectroscopy results.

Professional Career

He brings more than four decades of experience in municipal finance, budgeting, forecasting and capital improvement planning to his work with municipal finances. He has published several works related to government finances while teaching at Suffolk University’s Master of Public Administration program and Northeastern University respectively. Furthermore he has provided acting town manager coverage during manager absences.

Torrisi has contributed his machine learning knowledge to several Harvard projects, such as using graphene and molybdenum disulfide to understand how twists between sheets affect optical and electronic properties; helping researchers design catalysts with balance between chemical stability and accelerating useful reactions – published in 2D Materials and Applications journal; conducting Berkeley Lab practicum with DOE CSGF recipient Matthew Carbone to create machine-learning algorithm to analyze X-ray absorption spectroscopy data (XAS); conducting Berkeley Lab practicum under Torrisi’s guidance; conducting Berkeley Lab practicum alongside COG recipient Matthew Carbone to develop machine-learning algorithm to analyze XAS data.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Torrisi has undertaken a wide variety of projects during his graduate career. While initially planning to study quantum computing, Berkeley Lab’s practicum and internship forced his attention away from that area and towards materials physics. Now using machine learning tools for materials research analyses using X-ray absorption spectroscopy data analysis.

Erich also studies how to design catalysts that balance their ability to speed useful reactions with chemical stability – something which requires extensive computer simulation work.

Torrisi has enjoyed success as both a singer and keyboardist with Cryptacize, touring as violinist for Sufjan Stevens on his Age of Adz album tour and collaborating with Terrible Records solo artist Billy Uomo on numerous shared musical projects.

Personal Life

Torrisi also contributes his expertise as an undergraduate physics instructor at Harvard and residential advisor in one of their undergraduate houses. Furthermore, he spends significant time mentoring students of color to enter Ph.D programs in physics or STEM disciplines and is the recipient of the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (CSGF).

Torrisi is well known for his expertise in machine learning, using it to study how materials are structured. He discovered two-dimensional materials like molybdenum disulfide and graphene which could act as photocatalysts that break apart carbon dioxide into sustainable fuels, making for more sustainable transportation fuels. Alongside Matthew Carbone from DOE CSGF fellowship program he developed software which analyses X-ray absorption spectroscopy results faster, speeding up his search for new materials for energy applications.

Net Worth

Paul Torrisi is a British businessman and television personality best known for appearing on the first series of the UK version of reality TV show The Apprentice as a finalist, later working for business magnate Sir Alan Sugar. Additionally he has appeared on multiple other programs including Grandstand, BBC Breakfast Bargain Hunt ITV1 Confessions of an Estate Agent Property Prophets now appearing on UKTV Style & Bright Ideas as hosts respectively.

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