Steven Tower

The Funeral of Captain Steven Tower

Tragically, Goffstown Fire Captain Steve Tower passed away after completing a fitness test at their fire academy and becoming ill following completion. His death is an immense loss for his community and for all in New Hampshire.

Dr. Steven Tower has established a research laboratory devoted solely to exploring the devastating health effects associated with metal-on-metal (MoM) hip replacements. His investigation has uncovered how chrome and cobalt hip components may raise metal levels in blood, leading to numerous symptoms in patients receiving MoM hip replacements.

Early Life and Education

Goffstown, New Hampshire – On Monday afternoon, hundreds of firemen from around New Hampshire attended Capt. Steven Tower’s funeral services. Tower, 54 years old from Goffstown Fire Company became ill while participating in physical training assessment at New Hampshire Fire Academy before succumbing later at a local hospital.

Tower was an integral member of his community and enjoyed fishing and archery as pastimes. Additionally, he worked as a coach for the Emmanuel College Saints men’s basketball team.

Patients rate Dr. Stephen Tower, MD highly for his attentiveness and ability to answer their questions clearly. He treats conditions such as tremors, joint pain and hip replacement. Dr. Tower is affiliated with Alaska Regional Hospital and boasts a 4.5-star rating on Healthgrades as well as numerous publications and presentations.

Professional Career

Tower is an orthopedic surgeon and medical device expert who specializes in joint replacement. Recently he donated money to WWAMI and UAA’s engineering and biomedical departments so they can collaborate with Alaska hospitals on creating a registry to study failed joint replacements to understand why they don’t work properly.

Tower was an accomplished two-sport athlete, participating in semi-pro football and professional basketball at semi-professional levels. Additionally, he served part-time as interim fire chief of Goffstown Fire Department as well as having served in previous capacities such as training captain.

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Achievement and Honors

Goffstown Fire Department mourns Captain Tower, 54 years old and longstanding member, who died during a physical training assessment at New Hampshire Fire Academy on Monday. Prior to his passing he served as training captain and interim chief.

Jeremiah Tower has written numerous cookbooks, winning multiple Beard Foundation awards for his California Dish book as well as 13-part PBS TV series on it. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

At Emmanuel, Tower is actively involved in all facets of athletic programming – recruiting, opponent scouting, game plan preparation, player skill development and daily operations are just a few examples of his responsibilities. Tower worked closely with Coach Jackson in 2005-06 to help the Saints set an then-program record 17 wins!

Personal Life

Tower was an accomplished semi-professional football and professional basketball player, as well as serving as coach of basketball at Emmanuel College under Jamahl Jackson.

He specializes in performing hip and knee replacement surgeries, knee reconstruction surgery and repairs or replacement of failed replacements – often more complex operations.

After his experience with metal poisoning, Dr. Hsiung began screening his orthopedic patients’ urine samples for cobalt levels; he discovered that nearly half of them with chrome-cobalt hip replacement devices contained detectable amounts of this element.

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Net Worth

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