Steven Trinkle

Steven Trinkle

Steven Trinkle is an American vibraphone virtuoso who is widely recognized as one of the foremost modernist improvisers in jazz. He has performed and recorded globally.

He leaves behind his wife Carol, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as numerous nieces and nephews as well as many close friends and acquaintances.

Early Life and Education

Steven Trinkle was born and raised on a family farm in Indiana. An avid outdoorsman and hunter/logger, as well as member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Additionally he served in the military before going into business.

Lloyd Alan Shackleford has four children: Kathryn Luetta Jensen, Gerald Steven Trinkle and Shawn Paul Jensen. Additionally he has two grandsons and three granddaughters.

He is a master hypnotist and epigenetics specialist dedicated to helping others evolve spiritually and consciously. A passionate mentor, he strives to bring out the best in those he meets. Based in Bonita Springs, Florida with several siblings from Poland, Germany and Russia as ancestry; graduated from Perkiomen School Pennsburg (where his ancestry can be traced), Elizabethtown College in Virginia as well as Hahnemann Medical College Philadelphia for education he also studied Hahnemann Medical College courses there before.

Professional Career

Steven Trinkle possesses extensive experience in the defi and blockchain industry. Having overseen numerous projects within these spaces, he understands the significance of having a solid foundation for any venture to thrive. His professional history includes marketing, community management and strategy work.

He holds a minor in computer science, which has proved instrumental to his composing work. He has composed pieces for multiple ASU ensembles and even integrated Chinese culture into his spring Student Composition Recital performance.

Although he will miss working with the Powder River Symphony, he doesn’t plan to retire altogether. Curtis and he have both agreed that they consider the symphony more than just work; they see it as their circle of friends. Sunday will mark his final performance with them but he hopes to pursue music through other avenues.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Trinkle is an award-winning vibraphonist and respected educator, having recorded multiple albums and performed at concerts worldwide. Additionally, he was recently named as one of 2021 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s New Jazz Works Commission Composers with works featured both radio broadcasts and magazines worldwide.

He is a past recipient of the WorkOne Achievement Award for overcoming numerous employment and personal challenges, while being an enthusiastic patron of the arts and being actively involved with numerous community projects.

He has received various honorary degrees and awards, founded various organizations, served on various boards, was active philanthropically giving to many causes; married to Natasha with two children;

Personal Life

Personal life was filled with the joys and challenges associated with farming: milking cows, collecting all sizes of tractors and attending local fairs/tractor pulls. He also loved animals and took his grandchildren for rides on his Gator.

He leaves behind his wife, Carol Gordenier; children Rita Messman (Jeff Messman) and Michael Trinkle; as well as six grandchildren. Dr. Trinkle was an active member of both The American Medical Association and The American Society of Anesthesiologists.

After 10 years in Washington D.C., Trinkle relocated back home and started her work-from-home career with Shipt, the grocery store app/delivery service. Within months she was promoted to Director of Shopper Operations where she oversaw, encouraged, and nurtured 17 shoppers while managing domestic projects such as laying seven 3,000-pound palettes of sod in her yard and wiring her own pathway lighting.

Net Worth

Steven Trinkle has amassed over 100,000 hours of practice playing trumpet since birth. Throughout his life he has dedicated much of his life to music; on Sunday, he will conduct his final performance with the Powder River Symphony of Gillette; however, that doesn’t signify retirement; rather it indicates his desire to focus his energy elsewhere.

At present, he is working to promote a 27-acre industrial storage yard/trailer site located in central Denver for IG Logistics, Imperium Capital’s industrial platform that owns and operates properties with large outdoor storage or transportation components, and Meadow Partners.

He is also co-founder and chairman of eGHT, a publicly traded technology company. Over six trades of EGHT stock were completed by him for over $65,666 in revenue.

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