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Tyner knew Kelly Catholic had championship potential when he took over this season, but never could have predicted this would be their year – especially as Rhett Knox emerged as such a force on offense.

Early Life and Education

Tyner believed Kelly Catholic could win state title when he took over as coach last year; he estimated they might need another few years, yet won it anyway! And yet here they are celebrating capturing state title number five this week!

Tyner’s early influence was pianist Thelonious Monk, whose percussive attacks inspired his signature style. While in Philadelphia as a teenager, he performed alongside Lee Morgan and Jimmy and Percy Heath brothers; additionally leading his R&B group the Houserockers.

Tyner received the National Education Association Jazz Master award in 2002. Through the ’90s, he continued performing with his trio, paying homage to Coltrane on albums Remembering John, Revelations and Infinity as well as recording vigorous dates with artists such as Joe Henderson, Michael Brecker and David Murray.

Professional Career

Unfailingly pleasant and generous in conversation, Tyner can often be found puffing on his pipe while engaging in quiet discussion that often concerns family matters. But once at the piano, his broad shoulders hunch over and his hands attack the keyboard like an angry bull!

Bud Powell and Bill Evans can integrate the influences of Tyner into conventional Western tonal systems quite effortlessly, while it may be more difficult for his disciples. His pitches often seem to transcend conventional harmony resembling bells and drums from primitive villages or banging stones together at communal fires.

Jassie Sappington Banks, Brock’s mother, told reporters she and her sisters were told they could speak during his hearing but were not permitted. She has no idea when their son will be released.

Achievement and Honors

Tyner was honored by the National Endowment for the Arts as a Jazz Master in 2002, winning five Grammy awards over his long career. As an acoustic pianist who preferred piano’s full range of tones over electric keyboards or synthesizers.

He made his record debut with Benny Golson and Art Farmer in 1959 in the Jazztet and later performed on early albums by Freddie Hubbard and Julian Priester. Additionally he performed with John Coltrane Quartet recordings such as Africa/Brass (Oceania/Brass), My Favorite Things (My Favorite Things) and A Love Supreme (1965).

Tyner enjoyed a fruitful solo career, producing forward-thinking albums such as 1967’s The Real McCoy and 1972’s Tender Moments. His expressive modal voicings, impressive two-handed block chords, and fearless improvisation touched upon both African and Eastern musical traditions.

Personal Life

Tyner continued recording forward-thinking small-group sessions for Blue Note during his decade after playing with Coltrane, including tours with Art Blakey’s touring band as well as working as sideman for Ike & Tina Turner and Jimmy Witherspoon.

Early 1993 saw allegations of physical and sexual abuse against Tyner being brought forth. His wife reported them to Harborview Sexual Assault Center who then forwarded them on to Child Protective Services where Bill Mix began an investigation.

Tyner made several requests that Mix interview collateral witnesses, including his former wife, neighbors and a registered nurse who had cared for their children; these requests were denied by prosecutors and Mix was forced to make albums featuring Bacharach tunes performed with both orchestral arrangements and Afro-Cuban influences – until finally in October 1993, when the case was officially dismissed.

Net Worth

As Coltrane’s pianist in his iconic 1960s quartet, McCoy Tyner provided both harmonic and melodic support with percussive chords and soothing articulations that helped define jazz’s modern sound. Over 80 albums as a solo artist followed his selection as a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master in 2002.

Tyner led a trio during the 1980s and 90s consisting of bassist Avery Sharpe and drummer Louis Hayes; in addition to this work he released several solo albums for Blue Note Records including Revelations (1988) and Soliloquy in 1991.

Tyner scored two touchdowns on runs and completed three passes, and Courtney McGlone racked up 81 yards on 13 carries to lead the Vikings past Brainerd 54-12 Friday evening at Bob Evans Field in a non-region game. With this victory, their record improved to 2-1.

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