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Steve’s Heating and Cooling

Steve’s Heating and Cooling offers repairs, maintenance, replacements and installation for an array of HVAC units, walk-in coolers and refrigeration units, plus walk-in coolers and refrigerators. Their technicians also can assist in financing their projects.

Shafer Services Plus and Steve’s Plumbing of San Antonio are merging, with this move triggered by Robi Jalnos’ retirement as founder of Steve’s Plumbing.

Early Life and Education

Steve Dion has 28 years of experience as an HVAC engineer. His expertise lies in installing and repairing various commercial equipment such as centrifugal chillers, large tonnage air handlers, rooftop units and centrifuge chillers; designing and engineering various systems; holding S2, RJ2, PJ2 universal refrigeration licenses with multiple certifications; project managing two global manufacturers as northeast service managers for one; helping people save money on energy consumption by helping reduce consumption; driving his vintage 1967 Camero convertible car shows in his free time

Professional Career

Other than being an amazing company to work for, this one also boasts an excellent management team with great respect for employees. They place strong focus on staff welfare and strive to offer an enjoyable workplace for everyone involved.

Zamajtys began his HVAC career as a counter trainee before quickly progressing through to outside sales associate and territory manager at a wholesale distributor. Over time he established himself as one of the industry’s premier performers by earning numerous awards and recognition.

Smart home markets are expanding quickly, requiring experts in various areas to stay ahead of its rapid development. Jason Johnson is well-versed in this area and shares his wisdom as connected home program manager for Service Roundtable.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Galson received fifteen patents for his groundbreaking designs and inventions in HVAC&R equipment. A pioneer in developing self-contained air conditioning equipment and providing technical background for heat pumps, Galson also led in World War II with designing an aircraft spot cooler suitable for desert warfare – as well as commercial refrigeration equipment and residential heating and cooling units.

Francis W. Hutchinson was an esteemed professor and ASHRAE Fellow who contributed numerous papers to HVAC&R subjects. He wrote the HVAC sections of both ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Energy Conservation in Nonresidential Buildings and California Title 24 ventilation standards; also chairing numerous committees like Guideline 1.3 Indoor Air Quality, TC 1.4 Controls, TC 4.3 Ventilation and TC 36 Optimized Controls as an active member.

Personal Life

Steve followed in the footsteps of his father by entering the heating and cooling business himself. When he established his company in 1979, his goal was to offer outstanding services at fair prices while upholding honest relationships with customers – something which still guides his work today.

Steve began as an HVAC company sole proprietor. Working from morning until night, his aim was clear: create an established HVAC business through being reliable contractor.

Steve takes great care to select a team that is coachable. Rather than looking at existing skills or credentials, his primary concern is ensuring they are open to learning new things in the company and growing over time.

Net Worth

This company provides HVAC testing and air/water balancing services, energy-saving kitchen hood controls, geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar PV panels, building health monitoring solutions for commercial properties as well as environmental services at two net zero energy facilities it operates from. Furthermore, its owners participate in green organizations like U.S. Green Building Council, Green Umbrella and Xavier University academic sustainability programs to name but a few.

The couple adhere to the philosophy that they only take on work they can handle and build a business based on trust, with 100 percent customer satisfaction as their goal. Furthermore, they hire employees with technical expertise rather than salesmanship in mind when hiring employees for technical expertise rather than salesmanship roles. Recently they added plumbing service as well as plans to offer electrical service soon – their commitment to excellence helped them become one of the top Trane dealers in their region!

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