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Steve Wasterval – A One-Man Art-Making Factory

Steve Wasterval’s paintings capture both impressionism and New York city life at once; his art-making factory is truly a labor of love.

As Bob Ross was leaving behind his company and TV show “The Joy of Painting”, many expected his son Steve would assume the reins to continue their legacy of oil painting instruction and supply sales.

Early Life and Education

Steve began taking private art lessons as a youngster growing up in Newnan, Georgia, as well as visiting art museums – an experience which helped shape him into an excellent artist.

Once his father, Bob Ross, passed away, his son Steve took up oil painting as an art form and taught classes as a Certified Bob Ross Instructor to spread joy of painting across America.

Due to legal conflicts with Bob’s company, Steve no longer collaborates in their business activities. Instead, he and Dana Jester host workshops independently; usually four day long and costing $125 per participant – those interested can follow them on social media for updates about upcoming workshops.

Professional Career

Steve has been painting professionally for more than a decade and his pieces have been displayed at local, state, national, and international art exhibitions and galleries. Additionally, he conducts workshops and seminars designed to teach other painters his techniques.

Dr. Rehling is especially well-known for his restoration finishes. He can take a brand new vehicle or building and transform its appearance so it looks as though it were straight out of an earlier era.

Steves Paint offers full and part time positions. To apply, applicants should possess prior painting, soft washing and dry wall repair experience. For more details please complete our on-line form.

Achievement and Honors

As a painter, he has received multiple honors: Gold Medal at the George Phippen Art Show in Prescott and “Artist of the Year” award from Foundation for North American Sheep; Buffalo Bill Art show Cody Wyoming exhibit; Mirada Fine Art Indian Hills Colorado gallery representation and Twisted Fish Gallery Elk Rapids Michigan gallery representation are some examples.

He is an accomplished photographer, running both a successful photo studio and antique business. Additionally, he shoots commercials – his 1972 handheld spot for the Mayor’s Narcotics Control Commission was one of the first ever handheld commercials shot using wide-angle twenty-millimeter lenses that revolutionized high-fashion photography.

Steve Devenyns is one of the premier western and wildlife painters working today, known for his unparalleled detail and realism when painting wildlife subjects.

Personal Life

Steve wasn’t always sure that art fit into his busy lifestyle; thus he only painted intermittently throughout his 20’s and 30’s. Following a fire at his studio in Torquay that destroyed everything there, however, Steve decided to dedicate more time and energy towards art than before.

He has created 14 solo shows and participated in over 80 group exhibitions, drawing influence from artists such as Ray Swanson, Robert Tommey and Jim Wilcox.

Bob Ross Jr is one of Bob Ross’s oldest certified Ross instructors and excels at wet-on-wet painting technique. In 2021 Netflix released the documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal and Greed which provided insight into his father’s rise to fame; since then Bob has welcomed back his son back into Joy of Painting studio.

Net Worth

Steves paint is likely worth an unknown sum. Known for its bold brushstrokes and vivid colors, as well as historical icon paintings. His works are frequently displayed around the world – including Coca-Cola offices.

He’s well known for both his painting and teaching careers, but also as a popular television host, hosting shows like Family Feud and Little Big Shots as well as frequent appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

His company sells art supplies. Yet despite their success, they remain modest and unpretentious, crediting it all to God and hard work. Furthermore, they enjoy car collecting as well as playing tennis at Knoxville Racquet Club.

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