Strip Jack

Strip Jack by Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus series had become popular, so this novel, published in 1992 and featuring MP Gregor Jack as its protagonist, began when his carefully constructed public persona is destroyed following his arrest during a police raid at an Edinburgh brothel.

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Early Life and Education

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Strip Jack MP Gregor Jack finds himself the target of media scrutiny following an Edinburgh brothel raid conducted by police officers. While Detective Inspector Rebus initially sympathizes with Jack’s position as a victim of circumstance, reality soon sets in that some of Jack’s friends and associates might not be so trustworthy. This fourth installment from Rankin’s Inspector Rebus series may cause mixed responses among his longtime fans of the character.

Achievement and Honors

Honor and achievement are integral parts of being human, with instances when both may intersect; such as when receiving an award for outstanding accomplishments. It’s essential to distinguish the two terms to use them appropriately – such as when someone wins the Nobel Prize; this event both honors and achieves; while Rankin’s light tone in Strip Jack may come as a shock, yet its story itself provides satisfying entertainment value.

Personal Life

Strip Jack by Rankin will likely evoke differing responses among longtime readers of his Inspector Rebus series. As it’s lighter in tone than most novels in this series, some readers may find him differ from what they know and love about Rebus; however, fans will likely still enjoy its strong writing. In it we meet Gregor Jack – an Edinburgh MP caught up in media attention following police raid of local brothel; quickly stripped of reputation and friends by media attention due to this raid, leading him into trouble with local authorities who arrest him over this scandalous affair.

Net Worth

Strip Jack by Rankin may cause controversy among longtime readers of his John Rebus series, who may perceive that Rebus has been diminished in this book. But its ultimate conclusion should be positive and fans should find Strip Jack to be an enjoyable read. Net worth measures the difference between financial assets such as money market accounts, checking and savings accounts, investment portfolios and real estate compared to liabilities such as mortgages, car loans, outstanding credit card balances and back taxes as well as alimony/child support agreements; therefore it serves an integral part of financial planning process.

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