Sue Shifrin Net Worth

Sue Shifrin Net Worth – How Much Is Sue Shifrin Worth?

Sue Shifrin is an award-winning songwriter, a motivator, an author, an actress, a singer and a philanthropist. She was born on April 16, 1949 in Miami, Florida, USA. Her most notable accomplishments include being the executive national vice president of the Arbonne cosmetics company and having one of her songs featured in the movie Private Dancer.

In spite of her impressive resume, she has managed to keep her personal life relatively low-key. She was married to David Cassidy for two decades. During that time, they had one child, Beau. However, the couple divorced in August 2013. The singer and songwriter has not yet officially confirmed the separation.

There is no official information on the Sue Shifrin net worth, but it is estimated to be in the mid to high millions. Her personal finances have never been disclosed, but it is a safe bet that she has a few multimillion dollar properties in Los Angeles. Moreover, the star of the show has a large entourage of sidekicks and paramours to support her.

If you are looking for the Sue Shifrin horoscope, there is no need to look further than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The name ‘Sue’ may sound familiar, as she has been in the industry for some time. Despite her successes, however, the singer reportedly had a rough patch in recent years. She is also a motivational main stage speaker and has a number of books to her credit, including her autobiography, You’re Beautiful, which she wrote to honor her daughter. Sadly, her last album, ‘Tea for Two’, was a major flop, with the singer and songwriter reportedly taking a pay cut to keep the project moving along.

As it turns out, the Sue Shifrin horoscope is only a trifle compared to her more successful collaborator, David Cassidy. He is an actor and musician who penned hits for the likes of Cher, Michael Jackson and Smokey Robinson, and he has amassed a modest fortune over the course of his career. Before he succumbed to a car accident in 2005, he had a slew of marriages and divorces in his wake. Interestingly, while he was in a relationship with the aforementioned model, she was a former model herself.

As a songwriter, she has written a handful of popular hits, such as “So Good,” a song performed by Al Jarreau and featuring the aforementioned Cher. Moreover, she has penned songs for Meatloaf, such as the aforementioned “Moving On,” which is the best-selling record of all time in the United States. Other songwriter-related accomplishments include a number of nominations for her contributions to Tina Turner’s Private Dancer album.

The most impressive of all is her use of technology to promote her products to consumers. For instance, she is an official national vice president of the Arbonne cosmetics brand, selling all sorts of beauty related products such as eye creams, whitening kits and other skincare wares.

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