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90 Day Fiance – Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten Continue to Be in Love

If you have watched 90 Day Fiance, you are probably familiar with the story of Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten. Their love story began when they met in an international dating website. They later moved to the United States to live together. The couple has faced numerous roadblocks as they seek to get married. However, despite the struggles they face, they continue to be in love.

Fans of the reality television series know that Sumit and Jenny have had major drama. When they finally revealed their relationship, they were disowned by their family. That is why they decided to seek professional help.

In season 3 of the show, they fought for their love. But the battles didn’t end there. They still had to wait for their parents’ approval. Even though the couple had agreed that they would not have children, the parents were unwilling to grant the couple their permission.

During the first episode of the new series, viewers got a glimpse into the lives of the couple. It was revealed that the couple was secretly married without the knowledge of their parents. Eventually, they had to confront their parents about their marriage.

But before that, the couple were engaged to each other. Although they had not legally declared their intentions, they had been living together for a year. At the time, they were nearing their maximum number of visa extensions. With their visas set to expire, Jenny and Sumit would have to return to the United States. To keep the long distance relationship going, they hired a marriage lawyer. This lawyer was willing to help the couple make a legal declaration that they are in love.

But once the couple announced their engagement, they were shocked to find out that they are not even allowed to visit each other’s homes. Moreover, their parents didn’t think that they were a part of their family. Rather, they wished that Sumit and Jenny would marry someone younger.

Despite the fact that their parents haven’t accepted their relationship, the pair is still loving and happy. Both Sumit and Jenny continue to post pictures on their Instagram account. These images include throwbacks to the past, as well as recent photos. They also share the photo slideshow of the Christmas gathering they had in 2022.

Sumit is an Indian native and belongs to a middle class family. He is a member of the Aquarius sign, a sign that is often considered non-committal. Nevertheless, he showed his love for Jenny on camera.

A year after their secret marriage, Sumit and Jenny had been living together in India. As they tried to get their parents’ consent, they discovered that their parents did not approve of the couple’s relationship. However, they still wanted to pursue their relationship. So, they asked a marriage lawyer to help them get a marriage license.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Sumit and Jenny have experienced a lot of problems. Many fans of the show believe that Jenny hasn’t been as loyal as she should have been. Others feel that the couple is ignoring their parents’ wishes. And there are those who believe that their relationship is a scam.

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