Surfin Safari Album Cover

Surfin Safari Album Cover

The Beach Boys’ debut album, Surfin Safari, was released in October 1962 on Capitol Records. It was produced by Nik Venet, who later worked with the band on their infamous song “409”.

This first album is a great introduction to the musical genre that would become their trademark. It features songs like the first regional hit “Surfin’” as well as other songs such as “County Fair,” “Ten Little Indians” and “Chug-A-Lug.”

Lyrically, the music on this album captures the innocence of youth culture in Southern California during the time of this record. The lyrics take us on a whirlwind journey to root-beer soda stands, county fairs, dates with girls and hot-rods while also capturing the beauty of surfing and the ocean.

For this album, the band was under the management of Murry Wilson (father of three members Brian, Dennis and Carl, and uncle of lead singer Mike Love). The album was recorded after Capitol Records’ executive producer Nik Venet saw potential in the band and considered them “teenage gold”. He also produced the group’s next two albums and was a key part of their success with these releases.

The cover is a beautiful painting with green foliage and animals that surround the cottage. A break in the foliage reveals a pair of lips in a smile above the door.

It has an incredibly cute and charming look. It is a perfect example of the early 60s “Hey Baby” style of cover art that was a popular at the time.

One of my favorite album covers ever! This 2011 re-release of the Beach Boys’ debut album, Surfin Safari, features a delightful painting by Henri Rousseau that is incredibly charming and childlike.

This album was actually recorded after The Beach Boys’ original bassist Al Jardine left the group to pursue a career in dentistry. He was replaced by another member of the band, David Marks.

The album cover design is strange but effective. The five members of the group are pictured individually with tiny photos of them in the outdoors.

While this is a great way to promote the album, the design was a little too weird for my taste and could have been better if the band’s name and title were in larger type on a single line and the song titles were at the bottom of the cover.

Rather than a single photo, this album features fifteen smaller photos of the group in the outdoors. There are a few pictures of girls, but they are a little out of place on this cover.

The image is actually a composite of several different shots taken at the same location, but all of them have different angles and lighting conditions to make them seem unique. The colors and style are very well done, but this design could have been so much better if they were more creative with their choices.

It is a fun and entertaining listen that showcases some of the early Beach Boys’ best and most memorable music. It is a must have for fans of this classic American band.

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