Susan Kamen

Susan Kamen – Serial Disruptor and Entrepreneur

Dean Kamen is known for inventing groundbreaking innovations like the Segway personal transporter, iBOT articulating electric wheelchair and low-cost Slingshot water-purification system – as well as running an award-winning non-profit that inspires children to become future entrepreneurs.

Kamen lives at Muse Road in Woodmere, NY 11763 with Mitchell Pickman, John Gibbons and David Pickman and is currently 82 years old.

Early Life and Education

Kamen began his early career as a musician, songwriter, and composer, winning two Grammys while also receiving nominations for Golden Globe and Annie awards. Kamen also wrote and produced Mr. Holland’s Opus which won an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Kamen was an innovator in carbon-14 research, revolutionizing biochemistry and molecular biology through his groundbreaking efforts. In 1996 he shared the U.S. Department of Energy Enrico Fermi award given out at Oak Ridge Laboratory where he worked alongside fellow scientist Arthur Holly Compton.

Nonprofit experts who reviewed ARMI records for this story found its ties to Kamen questionable. While many members have impressive credentials from medicine and engineering fields, many also possess connections with him or organizations affiliated with him.

Professional Career

Kamen made headlines when she joined NPR as co-host of All Things Considered one year after its initial broadcast, disproving the myth that women’s voices lack authority. She brought warmth, humor and charismatic charm that was beloved by listeners of All Things Considered while helping shape its identity and define its voice.

She holds many distinctions as an author, journalist and theater producer; among them are being featured regularly for Dave Eggers’ Might magazine writing column “Paradigm for Sale,” included in its posthumous anthology as “best of.”

Kamen has also worked in healthcare and is the founder and director of a nonprofit dedicated to science education. For her efforts, she has received multiple accolades – such as the John Hersey Award. Furthermore, she has spoken at many conferences and universities.

Achievement and Honors

Susan Kamen boasts a long list of personal and professional achievements. She was honored as an honorary alumna of the University of Delaware, being inducted into its Wall of Fame, receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree, as well as being presented the coveted Common Wealth Award.

As Erica Kane on All My Children, she earned the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award. From its premiere in 1970 until 2011, Erica was an essential component of All My Children, making a name for herself throughout its entire network run.

Kamen’s business acumen has enabled her to establish close ties with elected officials from different parties – from Manchester City Hall and Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, all the way to U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of United States of America. Kamen’s robotics nonprofit FIRST even produced a commemorative coin honoring Christa McAuliffe with proceeds going directly towards supporting her cause.

Personal Life

Susan Kamen is a wife and mother to two children. In addition to raising them, Susan is known for her writing contributions which have appeared in various publications such as the New York Times and Chicago Tribune as well as anthologies.

Her book HER WAY was an engaging look into young women’s understanding of feminism, featuring interviews with them. Susan Faludi was among many notable writers who praised this work as well.

Kamen currently resides in Oceanside, NY at age 73. Prior to that she lived at Robinson Avenue, Medford New York and at 139 Bellport Avenue where she has associated with various businesses as a provider and her patients have given her high ratings for service provided.

Net Worth

Kamen stands out among tech entrepreneurs as one of the wealthiest. His wealth was amassed through successful startups and early investments; furthermore, Kamen’s astute investment portfolio has protected and grown his wealth, even during times of economic instability.

Kamen has also extended his business ventures into politics. For example, during the 2021 pandemic he provided government officials with vital supplies by working his supply chain to obtain masks and gowns amid global chaos.

Kamen has also been actively engaged in philanthropy. He has established scholarship and grant programs for tech entrepreneurs as well as music education. Partnering with David Gilmour on semi-unplugged concerts at Royal Festival Hall between 2001 and 2002, performing piano and cor anglais together raised funds for music education in the UK.

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