Sylvia Browne Net Worth

Sylvia Browne net worth was a well-known self-proclaimed psychic who made her living through writing books that became bestsellers. Her cult following established her as one of the top authors.

She made frequent appearances on programs such as Larry King Live, That’s Incredible and Coast to Coast AM; additionally, she wrote over 50 books on spiritual topics and psychic phenomena.

Early Life and Education

Sylvia Browne is an accomplished author who has penned many books covering psychic and spiritual topics, some of which have made the New York Times Best Seller List.

She was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1936. As a child she began experiencing psychic visions influenced by her grandmother (also a medium).

At first, she worked in both a jewelry store and freight firm before venturing into cold psychic readings for money. Later she married three times – first to Gary Dufresne from 1959-1972 then to Kenzil Dalzell briefly, finally Michael Ulery for whom she lived for the remaining four years of her life.

Sylvia frequently appeared as a guest on television and radio programs such as Larry King Live, That’s Incredible! and Coast to Coast AM; she even hosted her own online radio show at Hay House.

Professional Career

Sylvia Browne relied on private psychic readings and public appearances as her main sources of revenue, while publishing several books on spirituality and psychic phenomena for which she received royalties that brought in significant revenues.

As a psychic, she made regular appearances on TV shows like Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live as well as offering paid psychic consultations and readings. Additionally, she hosted her own internet radio show on Hay House Radio; also founded Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research and Society of Novus Spiritus church.

Although her predictions often proved inaccurate, she conducted herself professionally by maintaining all necessary licenses and being part of a national consumer protection agency. Furthermore, she made significant donations of time and talent to charitable organizations and collaborated with authorities on missing persons cases.

Achievement and Honors

Sylvia Browne was an American psychic medium and author. She published numerous books on paranormal activity and spiritualism. Additionally, she appeared on several television and radio shows and founded her own church called Novus Spiritus in the late 80s.

Browne was widely recognized for her contributions to psychic phenomena research and spiritual teaching. As an author, she published over 50 books that provided comfort and guidance to countless individuals throughout her lifetime. Furthermore, she owned multiple properties across California and Colorado – such as her Californian residence and Colorado ranch.

Throughout her lifetime, she attracted much controversy due to alleged psychic predictions which often turned out to be inaccurate and legal challenges surrounding her business practices. She passed away peacefully on November 20, 2013 at age 77.

Personal Life

Sylvia Browne was a self-professed psychic medium who gained widespread exposure through talk show appearances, spiritual writings and paranormal subjects in her books, and predictions which often garnered media coverage despite often being off the mark.

She became a frequent guest on Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live, offering paid psychic reading sessions. Additionally, she hosted her own hour-long internet radio show on Hay House Radio.

Browne was a spiritual medium who claimed she experienced visions as a child, which her grandmother helped interpret. Additionally, she wrote more than 50 books covering various spiritual subjects.

She married three times, giving birth to two children with each of her husbands; her first marriage lasted eight years before ending in divorce; both second and third unions ended shortly after beginning; she kept her personal life private but was close with both sets of her children.

Net Worth

Sylvia Browne amassed an immense fortune through her books and public appearances, while her cult following, predictions, and prophecies attracted considerable criticism.

Browne was an author of over forty books who gained commercial renown for her talk show appearances, writings on paranormal and spiritual topics as well as covering them within her books. Her success and popularity generated dialogue and debate on psychic phenomena among both believers and skeptics alike.

At her peak, she charged $850 for a 30-minute psychic reading session and regularly appeared as a guest on popular TV and radio talk shows such as Montel Williams Live and Larry King Live, earning thousands each episode. Additionally, she hosted her own hour-long radio show called Hay House Radio; upon her death her property and other assets were distributed amongst her sons.

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