Taylor Tomlinson Net Worth 2022

Taylor Tomlinson is an award-winning American comedian best known for her appearance as a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and subsequent stand-up specials on Netflix (Quarter-Life Crisis and Look at You).

Tomlinson is an active social media user, using various platforms to promote herself and build connections with fans. Additionally, she hosts her own show on CBS called After Midnight.

Early Life and Education

Taylor Tomlinson hails from Orange, California where she grew up in a Christian household alongside her parents and is known to love animals greatly. Additionally, she maintains an active social media presence with over 2.2 Million TikTok followers!

She began her career by enrolling in a church comedy class, soon becoming one of the headlining acts at several shows and appearing in multiple comedy specials and late night talk shows.

In 2018 she made her Netflix debut with a 15-minute stand-up appearance in The Comedy Line-up and later issued an hour-long Netflix special titled Quarter-Life Crisis in March 2020.

Tomlinson has found success and fame through her comedy. She currently dates Sam Morril, another comedian, with whom they plan to continue dating and stay close.

Professional Career

As soon as she turned 16, Tomlinson’s father signed her up for stand-up comedy class. Since then, she has made great strides. Starting off by performing at church basements and coffee shops to becoming one of the youngest headliners touring – not forgetting The Tonight Show, Conan, and Comedy Central performances; plus writing an ABC pilot episode which was unfortunately never picked up as pilot!

Tomlinson has made her mark on the comedy world with her unique brand of humor and sharp wit, becoming an audience favorite thanks to ticket sales from live performances and television appearances, plus social media influencer earnings through TikTok videos. Her popularity has earned her significant amounts of income – ticket sales for live performances contribute significantly, as do television appearances that bring in ticket revenue – earning her significant amounts from ticket sales alone!

Achievement and Honors

At sixteen, Tomlinson began her comedy career by performing at coffee shops, school auditoriums, and church basements. Her efforts paid off when she advanced to the ninth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and was named one of Variety’s “Top 10 Comics to Watch” at 2019 Just for Laughs Festival. Netflix introduced Tomlinson with her first 15-minute set on an episode of The Comedy Lineup before she made her first special Quarter Life Crisis available streaming platform later that same month.

Taylor’s success stands as proof that talent and perseverance can propel anyone toward great things. Her petite frame serves as the backdrop for engaging humor and emotive storytelling that keeps her fans coming back for more.

Personal Life

Tomlinson is an animal advocate, frequently supporting various charities. Additionally, she attends protests supporting Black Lives Matter movement.

Since she was 16 she has been making headlines through her humorous wit. She has made appearances on many television shows as well as comedy specials.

She currently resides in California and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. Previously she was dating Sam Morril, another comedian. They split in 2020, leaving her solely focused on her career – with plans to release a comedy special soon enough. As one of California’s highly demanded comics she will continue her rise through this industry.

Net Worth

Tomlinson’s remarkable talent and perseverance are an inspiration to us all. Not only is she an outstanding comedian, but also an advocate for mental health – showing how humor can be an effective means of dealing with life’s difficulties.

She is currently working on her next project – hosting CBS’ late night series ‘After Midnight’ which will earn her an estimated annual earnings of $3 Million.

She also generates income through other television shows, tours and stand-up comedy specials; each special brings in around $100-$200 in earnings per show. However, Netflix accounts for the bulk of her income with two specials (Quarter-Life Crisis and Look at You) released there; she can use these profits to invest in various ventures.

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