Teddy Pullover Half Zip

Three Must-Have Tech Accessories For the Modern Gentleman

The teddy bear has been a popular choice for decades, but shaved heads are not the only ones sporting this plush fleece. To wit, a recent flurry of high-flying Silicon Valley execs spotted in the streets of silicon valley sporting a similar cut, all with matching fleece. With the plethora of Silicon Valley based tech start-ups, a tech savvy workforce is a must. In other words, the half zip is the best choice for those chilly mornings. The best part is you can actually show off your new found tech credentials. This entails a little more work than the usual latte and laptop combo, but hey, you’re in it for the long haul. Besides, who knows, your lucky day may end up on a workaholic’s desk. Keeping in mind the above premise, here are three must-have tech accessories for the modern gentleman. They’re a lot more fun to wear than you’d expect, and the price tag is well worth it. Luckily, the perks don’t end there. Among other features, this teddy bear has pockets to match.

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