Tent Jacks

Tent Jacks

Tent jacks are used to lift tent frames safely, saving labor costs while increasing safety. Tent jacks also help prevent damage caused by trying to lift heavy tents by hand and reduce risk.

Russian Bear has taken the concept of stove jack tents one step further with this tent that features a heat-proof silicone layer around its roof exit.

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Tent jacks are essential tools when working on a frame tent. Not only can they facilitate faster setup times and prevent backache, but they can also make your crew more productive, which in turn saves money.

A great tent jack should be designed for easy, portable use. With its wide base to prevent unnecessary stress on the frame and an ergonomic crank handle, as well as a hook large enough to support it all, a quality tent jack should meet these criteria.

To use a tent jack effectively, position it beneath the section of perimeter tubing close to a fitting and avoid damaging both it and its fittings and fasteners. Next, hook its hook around this section of tubing before turning its crank handle to lift your tent.

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Tent jacks are used in the construction of frame tents to raise and add legs, helping workers reduce strain while quickly finishing their tasks and potentially avoiding injuries.

Jacks should be placed near fitting locations on frame tubing to prevent damage to it during tent jack lifting. Once hooked up under tubing adjacent to chosen fitting, turn crank handle until tent jack is lifted off of frame tubing.

This heavy-duty commercial tent jack was designed to reduce installation time, labor cost and lifting injuries for workers during installations. It boasts a 1500 lb capacity with heavy-duty top mechanism and double mast; plus standard mid and corner cabling lengths suitable for 30-foot wide tents.

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This commercial tent jack is specially designed to make frame tent installation simpler. Featuring a high capacity winch with self breaking safety mechanism and standard mid and corner cable lengths that cover 30′, 40′, and wider tents.

The Springbar Classic Jack 140 stands out as being unique because it requires no guy outs to set up. Furthermore, it provides ample ventilation with two massive windows and features a hanging organizer to store headlamps, power banks and gloves. Furthermore, exterior pockets large enough for any extra angle pipe you may require along with water tank and fire starter make this camping trip-ready camping tent effortless to transport without worry for additional equipment hauling.

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