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Thalia and Tommy Mottola Could Be Heading For Divorce

Thalia and Tommy Mottola may be one of the more stable celebrity couples, yet Gossip Not Like has reported testimony from an ex-employee claiming they no longer sleep together.

Divorce can be an upheaval that’s difficult for everyone involved, but can be particularly tricky for parents with children.

Early Life and Education

Thalia and Tommy Mottola have been one of the most committed couples in show business for 22 years, but their marriage may soon come to an end as neither has shared any photos together since December on social media accounts and there have been rumors circulating about producer Tommy having an affair with Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw.

Multiple gossip shows have picked up on this story and one, “Gossip No Like”, revealed that the couple have been divorcing privately due to financial considerations; therefore they waited to announce it publicly for some time.

The program claimed it has evidence of their split from an employee of both parties involved. Furthermore, they have two children together.

Professional Career

Thalia was born to an upper-class family. Her social grace and father’s confidence and flamboyance were two traits she readily inherited from both.

However, she could never quite turn this talent into stage success; ultimately she was left on her own in Navy society and in her personal life.

At the start of 2023, reports surfaced about an apparent marital crisis between Thalia and Tommy Mottola, as evidenced by social media posts suggesting possible discord within their marriage. A program called ‘Gossip Not Like’ revealed some potentially telling clues left by Thalia on her social networks allegedly by Tommy.

One scene features the singer lighting a candle for love; this act was seen as an indicator that she may pray to a Saint for help finding someone new or save her marriage from dissolving.

Achievement and Honors

Thalia is an accomplished musician and successful businesswoman. Her film career has garnered her many accolades, awards and a loyal fan base; while her television success has made her an established face.

Maria Mercedes, Marimar, and Maria la del barrio made her an international television phenomenon. Additionally, she boasts several bestselling fashion and cosmetics lines to her credit.

Jennifer Mottola and Tommy Mottola have been married for 22 years, yet earlier this year there were reports that the marriage may have reached crisis point, with speculation indicating that Tommy might have been unfaithful to Jennifer with Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw allegedly. Further fueling speculation was the fact that neither party posted Valentine’s Day messages to social media accounts.

Personal Life

Thalia and Tommy Mottola have enjoyed 22 years together and two children, but recently there have been reports that their marriage may be in trouble as reports surface of possible infidelity between Leslie Shaw (Peruvian singer) and Mottola. Rumors persist of Thalia possibly leaving Tommy as they split over this possible affair between Leslie Shaw (Peruvian singer) and Mottola (who is married).

She became one of the best-known telenovela actresses of the 1990s in Latin America due to her iconic roles on soap operas. Additionally, she appeared in movies and is considered a fashion icon within Mexico. She collaborated with numerous artists such as Michael Buble while her musical influences included Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Madonna Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf. Kenia Os and Carlos Vives were some of her renowned producers that she worked alongside during this time period.

Net Worth

Thalia is an accomplished businesswoman with numerous businesses under her wing, as well as being a successful singer and actress who has won multiple awards throughout her career.

Even though their age difference was 22 years, the tycoon and singer developed a romantic bond. He asked her to marry him on December 2, 2000.

The Chisme show revealed some possible clues left by both businessman and singer in their social media accounts, specifically one photograph showing her holding a candle labeled as being for love which could indicate saving her marriage or praying to Saint Nicholas to find new companionship. Furthermore, Kenia Os and Marimar performed a new song featuring lyrics suggesting an attraction towards Mottola that may hint towards that possibility.

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