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Stella The Stella Show – Facts About Stella the Stella Show

Stella The Stella Show is an American youtube star born on November 5, 2014. Her parents have founded the YouTube channel, The Stella Show, which currently has over one million subscribers. She resides in Los Angeles, California and was born in the Scorpio zodiac sign. Previously, she lived in San Antonio, Texas. As a child, she attended private school. In her spare time, she likes to shop and dress up.

Stella has long blonde hair. For most of her first appearance, she had bangs that were combed over her forehead. They were then parted to the left side. She wears an orange necklace that has a small gold star pin. This necklace ends in three gold stars.

Stella is an acrophobic and is sensitive to sunlight. However, she does have the ability to direct laser points. She has an intense interest in fashion. She also prefers to flirt. Some of her comic-only love interests are usually unrequited.

Stella wears a pink dress shirt, an orange skirt, and a pair of pink high-heeled shoes. She also wears a grey belt with a pink buckle. Her bracelets are green and pink.

Stella’s eyes are golden-brown. Her eyebrows are thick and curled. She has long strands of hair hanging in front. It is held in a ponytail with a blue bow.

Stella is a founding member of the Winx Club. She was sent to Alfea to become stronger and more powerful. Stella has an aura of light which she can manipulate. She has a special Ring of Solaria which allows her to focus her energy. With her power, she can teleport people. Also, Stella can manipulate the Moon’s light.

Stella’s most popular YouTube videos are her comedy skits. Some of her most popular songs include “Zombies 2” and “My Name Is Stella”. Stella’s brother often appears on her channel.

Stella has a tan complexion and long blonde hair. Unlike her sister, she does not have a hairstyle that involves a bun. She keeps her hair loose in Mythix form. When she is de-transformed, her bangs are swept to the left side.

Stella’s hair is tied into a ponytail. It is adorned with a big pink bow. There are also two strands of hair in her front.

Stella’s eye color varies between pink and golden-brown. When she transforms, her highlights are generally in pink. In her formal look, she resembles Cindy Vortex from Jimmy Neutron shorts.

In the Winx Club, Stella is treated more seriously as a fashion designer. Her talents are put to good use. Since her parents created the channel, she has had over one million subscribers. On her birthday, she throws a grand party. Other notable videos on her channel are her favorite movies and skits.

Stella’s friends and family are very important to her. She also cares about her fellow Winx. She cracks jokes to cheer her friends up when they are sad. Throughout the series, she learns that she needs to prioritize her friends over other things.

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